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    Original of the species

    Chapter 20

    Just as Bette had finished her phrase her cell phone rang.

    “Looks like you two have been temporarily saved by the bell… but I will come back, or maybe I’ll just poison your food… that will be faster” Bette said as she got up and walked towards her ringing cell phone.

    When the brunette saw the ID of the caller she immediately smiled, only to remember almost instantly what her friends had just told her so she decided to take this call in the kitchen.

    Ok here goes a HUGE apology…

    “Hi” Bette said smiling on the phone betrayed by the butterflies suddenly appearing in her stomach. How can I be feeling like this already?

    “Hi” Tina shyly replied also smiling, for she too was feeling something similar in her anatomy. This was, after all, the first time she was calling the brunette and even though they had spent two incredibly perfect days together she still felt somewhat nervous. “How are you?” Tina quickly added, so her current state of dumbness wouldn’t show that much.

    ”I’m… I’m… listen, before you say anything else I just wanted to apologize for what happened at The Planet today. You see crazy and crazier are… how can I put this right… rather special people, but deep down… like really deep down, after digging a lot, they’re harmless… I swear they are not the psychopaths they seem to be” Bette tried to apologize as sincerely and as quickly as possible, for she didn’t know what to expect after what her friends had confessed to.

    At that moment Tina couldn’t help but to let a laugh escape her lips.

    “Bette, what are you talking about?” Tina asked still amused, the situation was indeed confusing but after hearing the names crazy and crazier, well anything, literally anything could come out of it.

    Bette remained silent for a few seconds as she was considering the blonde’s reply, she took that time to stick out her head from her kitchen in order to observe what her friends were doing.

    Oh so these two were playing me… rrrright… ok, focus Porter…

    “Ahhh… ehhhh… mh” And this is how you focus? Jesus…

    Tina laughed again but this time a little louder. “I’m sorry Bette, really it’s just that I have no idea what you’re talking about” The blonde said in between giggles already picturing the whole situation.

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    1. Ok , it took me a few hours, you had more than one story to read, but i am finally catched up.

      I love this story, and crazy and crazier are cool.

      Love the humor and playfulness. And totally love B&T.

      I noticed this update was a repost, can i assume that there will be soon a new update?

      Thanks again for returning.

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