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    Two minutes

    Bette and Tina are home enjoying a lazy Sunday in bed. Peggy took Angie to the Boone Children’s Gallery at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art for their Sunday Family Day. Bette and Tina still do Family Day with Angie and they’ve included Peggy, but this morning Tina wasn’t feeling particularly well so Bette decided to stay home with her while Peggy took Angie on the outing. They were discussing Tina’s conversation with Peggy the night before.

    “Can you believe that Helena was behind all that stuff that Peggy told me?”

    “Tee. I think you are the only one in this family that still doesn’t believe what Helena is capable of. You always defended her against me, and now you doubt what Peggy’s investigators have found out? Granted Helena covered her tracks, but Peggy’s had her security people looking into this since she came out of retirement. I think they have been thorough.”

    “Still. I can’t help but think about Angie. Could you disown her even if she did all those evil things?”

    “Tee. I can’t even imagine a world in which Angie could do even one of those things. It’s not like Peggy to just up and decided one day to disown her daughter. Helena was already in her 30’s when this happened. Peggy and her husband (before he died) put up with a lifetime of catering to their little girl’s every whim. They used their money and influence to buy her way out of trouble. They never let her suffer the consequences of her actions. She grew up thinking that she could have and do anything she wanted. She used her ‘superpowers’ for evil instead of good. Peggy’s actions might seem harsh, but the fact is she did what she did because she does still love her daughter. The minute Helena lost her money she turned to crime, drugs, alcohol, prostitution, and gambling. How long do you think she would have survived in that world if Peggy hadn’t pressed charges and put her in jail? One of the conditions that Peggy insisted upon was that Helena be under a doctor’s care for mental illness. Peggy’s been to visit Helena to try to talk to her only to be threatened and loathed. Short of murder I don’t think there is any evil thing Helena hasn’t done. If they dig deeper, they might find a few bodies buried. Remember how Dana’s cat Mr. Piddles died under mysterious circumstances. What if she had something to do with that?”

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    1. Hi BAT2012,

      It’s very nice to have an escape from all the craziness in the world of fan-fiction!!! I really appreciate all the writers on this site to allow me to escape in the Tibette world for a few hours.

      Yes, they are PREGNANT!!!! It put a big smile on my face and my heart is excited for them ♥️

      Thanks for the update!

    2. I agree with Bibi. There is so much craziness everywhere I really look forward to reading my fanfic! Excited for this family and another baby adventure. Keep the posts coming….brings a little joy to the anxiety producing world

    3. They are pregnant…. now the donor is Marcus Allenwood right. Full sibling to Angie? Fantastic… let’s just be a good and stable pregnancy and have a healthy baby…..

      Why does Tina not believe Peggy about Helena? Why would Peggy lie? Who wants to have a daughter who is a socio-path? One you sent to prison and insisted get mental therapy? Tina has to know that Peggy’s decision is not based on a whim but on years of being taken advantage of. Based on everything Peggy has done including giving her a cash separation bonus, you know this has to be hard for Peggy. The thing is that Peggy may have forgiven Helena if she showed just the meer shred or remorse. But nooooo… Helena blames everyone else but herself. Come on Tina, smell the coffee!

      Great little chapter….. thankyou.

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