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    Uncharted Territory

    ‘He just wanted to get into your good graces.’

    ‘I might have thought so myself, if it wouldn’t be the truth.’ Her almost whispered words cause a short but livid flop of my heart. It was always that easy for her. With her next question she breaks the spell before it even had a chance to set off. ‘Do you think this artist deserves an exposition at the gallery?’

    ‘Uhm… yeah…yes…his work is audacious and daring, but the bold use of colors invites you to look pass that and then you see the deeper meaning behind every piece. It just speaks and that’s what you want right?’

    With her hands in the pockets of her suit pants she listens carefully as if I am on the same level of expertise as she is when it comes to art. She never did it any other way, in the beginning I found it foolish, but over the years she took me to so many expositions, lectures and museums and taught me so much about her passion, that it became an almost natural thing to talk about it with her. Above all she gave me the feeling that she valued my opinion. Whatever that opinion could be.

    ‘I do want to challenge people. There is not only one way to expose people to art. It’s about presenting them diversity and letting them make up their own mind. And I think this artist is fitting the direction I want the gallery to take perfectly.’

    ‘I’m sorry I had to take that call.’ The young artist with messy hair apologizes as he enters the room again, putting his phone back in his pocket.

    ‘Ah there you are.’

    ‘So what do you think?’

    ‘My wife finds your work audacious and daring.’ The softness of her fingertips against the small of my back contradicts her full on business mode. ‘I do see the youth in your work but I don’t see that as a minus point. On the contrary. I will advise James to contact you about further details.’

    Very soon she wraps up the conversation and we enter the wide garden that’s maintained with sharp precision and love for all that grows. ‘So how does this all work? What happens next?’ I ask while lazily strolling the garden on our way to the car.


    1. Thank s for the chapter!

      But i have to say – Bette’s behavior on Tina’s birthday seems like last straw to me. How Tina not left her after that – i don’t understand.

      And now i also don’t know if there is any sense to them to try again, after so awful first time attempt

    2. We are inching inching inching along. So painful. But they didn’t unravel overnight so they won’t be put back together over night either. Keep it coming! I am sorry for not responding to the other chapters but I have been reading and rooting for them to get back together where they belong.

    3. Hmmmmm light is starting to shine on what each was thinking as they moved together in sharing a life. The big picture seems to be that it matters where one resides. Paris is where they needed to have stayed. Start a family there and open a gallery there.

      They wanted to have “family” around, which makes sense, but LA wasn’t “where” they needed to be at that time in their lives. The definition I’ve committed to memory that has served faithfully no matter my age or situation in life.

      PURPOSE is the right people, at the right time with the right message.

      Trying to “force” any one of the three and shytt doesnt work out!!!

      Anyway, they both are doing well in refusing to be defensive or accusative as they hear (with ears and heart) and see the true facial reactions as the pain surfaces, sometimes abruptly. The wounds are being cleansed with honesty.

    4. These two seamed determined to make their lives in Los Angeles as difficult as possible. Both of them refused to talk to the other about what was bothering them, what was giving them sleepless night’s and how they were interpreting the actions of the other…. total lack of communication and kept piling on as time went on…. both of them…. And then they both hoped to resolve their issues by waiting on the other to make the first move…. Its a wonder they are taking now. They both need a big dose of courage. Get in the ring and allow the other to take all their shots at them…. until they have completely emptied their reserves. Talk to each other about everything – the good, the bad and the ugly. Try to see what things looked like in the other’s shoes and figure out what you would have done if this had been your view of the situation. Try to put into words where you went wrong… and express it to the woman you love. Or…spare yourself the hurt of what happened and be happy with the hurt of loss instead. Either choice will not be pleasant…. but one choice could lead to happiness with someone you love beyond measure… the other will not. Not going through a rehash of the past will not lead to a solid foundation for the future. It will allow the problems and behaviors to remain in place which will be repeated in future relationship – either with each other or with future other relationships. It is best to gather the courage and the will power to stay in the conversation and listen and learn from what happened. Its the only chance to correct their individual mistakes in judgement and behavior. This is a long and difficult journey but necessary for their future whether together or with others….

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