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    Uncharted Territory

    Tina’s POV   

    ‘Couples Quiz really?’ I raise my eyebrow at her, amused by her idea and even more by her sudden shyness. I asked her to come over to watch a movie, but she said she has a better idea. For me it doesn’t matter what we do as long as we spend more time together. This however is the last thing I would expect from her. In the past I suggested to go to couples therapy but she adamantly refused, she didn’t feel like sharing our problems with a stranger and she never believed therapy would actually help anyway. I know these kind of quizzes are often advised during couples therapy and seeing this idea coming from her, means that she did research. I light the candle under the teapot warmer and hand her a mug of tea.

    ‘Yeah well, I thought it can be fun. But if you don’t…’

    ‘I love it. Lead me through.’

    ‘It’s very simple, in turns we take a card and read the question. In order to make it really fun you have to answer every question, no skipping. Only yes or no won’t do. Needless to say that answers have to be honest and answering with a question is not allowed.’ She starts explaining while opening the box, fidgeting with the cards. She is willingly pushing herself out of her comfort zone and yet presenting it in a fun way. She couldn’t look more adorable. ‘What?’

    ‘Nothing.’ I smile as I pull up my legs under me and nest against the pillows. ‘It’s just you. This is a really nice surprise.’

    ‘We will see about that when the questions start.’

    ‘You sound really stern.’

    ‘It’s a serious matter.’ She throws me a mocked serious look, puts the box on the floor next to her and places the stack of cards on the couch in between us.

    ‘Then stop dragging and draw a card already.’

    Theatrically she pauses, gives me a fasten-your-seatbelts-look and clears her throat before she draws the first card. ‘Here we go… Tina, what is your most unique trait?’

    ‘Well Bette, I don’t know, you tell me, what do you think?’

    ‘Weren’t the rules clear?’ Another stern look follows, but the gleam in her eyes gives her away. ‘But ok because you’re still new to this game, I will let you break the rules just this one time. For me it’s the way you subtly pull people into talking and really care about what they have to say. And you make everyone feel so comfortable around you.’

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    1. Thank you for the chapter!

      Honestly i don’t see how all their talks and meeting with each other can help to fix something between them if all of the ending the same – one of them leaving in anger.

      Maybe therapy?

    2. I don’t comment much on this story but wow what a emotinal hard chapter was this for them.

      Bette made a attemp to communicate by using cards with deep questions on it that they had to give honest answers to it. It broke my heart to see how Bette is deeply hurt by the betrayel of Tina, how she had that meltdown but she gave honest anwers. Maybe this really opens Tina’s eye on how deeply hurt Bette is by her infidelity. Maybe this meltdown was needed so they can really try to repair their relationship. Give Bette some space, she will come back or contact Tina. It seems hopeless but i have faith they will come back stronger than ever as a couple, it just take time, time they have to take both, don’t rush things.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    3. Dang. Bette’s intentions were good, but may I suggest Twister next time? That Bette chose to hide the cards with questions about cheating should tell Tina all she needs to know about the way forward. She has to step up and own it. Say she is sorry again and again until Bette believes her. Say she will spend the rest of her life making amends if she has to. She needs to be on her knees, ugly crying, listening to the pain she caused kind of sorry. It’s time Kennard. Own it. Bette’s behavior, no matter how awful, does not justify her cheating. And for the love, they both need to stop running. I love this story. It’s intriguing in its heartbreak. Bette clearly knows her part in the demise of the relationship, she has suffered enough…

    4. There are very few stories in all my fandom years that have wrecked me so bad after each chapter. This story is marvelous, heartbreaking but so beautiful. I created an account here just to tell you that I hope you will find it in yourself to give it an ending someday. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us.

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