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    Uncharted Territory

    Looking left and right, I cross the road and sit down on the old bench on the island between the two roads. As traffic passes me by I look up. The lights are still on. The tone dials and Eva’s voice falls behind.

    ‘Bette… Uhm…Hey…Hi.’

    For a moment I only listen to her breathing. It always had a calming effect on me. When we would go to bed and she would rest her head on my shoulder her steady breathing slowed mine down until it would be in tune.


    It’s been a week since I left her apartment the way I did. I managed to hold back my tears until I entered the cold apartment where I’m residing surrounded by another person’s stuff. No one was chasing me away but I ran like the devil was chasing me. Just because.. She clears her throat and behind the curtains her silhouette starts pacing through the living room.

    ‘How are you?’ The silhouette stops for a moment and a deep exhale breezes through my airpods. It’s not the first time I walked out on her during a fight or a moment that I wasn’t sure how to handle. I did it countless times. Usually when I returned I received the-cold-shoulder-treatment, that could last from a few hours up to a few days, depending on how badly my stonewalling had hurt her at that particular time. ‘Ok, I’ll talk.’ She says as I remain quiet and above me the moonlight fights its ways through the roof of leaves. ‘I just came back from Quatier Latin. It was pretty cold outside. The weather this afternoon tricked me and I choose for a lighter jacket. I wasn’t in the mood to take the car. I went to that cinema, you know the one on the corner, where they have those crepes. I skipped the crepe this time and just bought a ticket for the entire day. I think I saw three movies… could be four.’  She pauses and the tap runs on the background. After she swallows a few times and her silhouette returns to the living room, her voice returns as well. ‘I was thinking to call you, to ask you to join, we could just sit there… together, we wouldn’t have to talk… but I figured you needed a break. Do you remember we also knew how to do that? Just sit together and say nothing. The silence wasn’t always uncomfortable….’ Behind the window the curtain moves and reveals her in a white robe. She holds the phone against her ear as she watches outside. So close, yet so far away. The wind picks up again and behind me the motor of the boat roars,  leaving the pier with its passengers, that will soon be warm on the glass deck. I shiver and my shirt sticks to my back with sweat that turned cold when I sat down without proper cooling down. She clears her throat again and lowers her voice. ‘Where are you?’


    1. Welcome back,

      Missed this story!

      I am happy Bette took the first step by calling Tina. I didn’t expecy them to make love but hey they took a new chance to rebuild their marriage and i am glad about that.

      Looking forward to read more.

      Happy Holiday!

    2. OMG so glad you posted again

      I can’t express how relieved I am that they are taking big steps in the right direction. I love that they are not perfect, that everything about their reconciliation surprises them because it’s not the perfect idea they had of it. It feels real, far from most fan fiction works and I love that immensely.

      Thank you very much for this.

      Happy Holidays,

    3. So glad to see another chapter to this story! Excellent writing – from them talking on the phone, to Bette showing up at the apartment and then making love. And then this –

      ‘We will go out or decide to stay in until we one day figure out that half of my stuff is here and half of your stuff is at my place. And while doing all that we will keep the conversation going. Does that sound like a plan you can work with?’

      ‘I know I can work with you.’

      It feels like they’ve figured out how to make it last forever this time.

      Happy Holidays!

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