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    Uncharted Territory

    Bette’s POV 

    A story has no beginning or end; arbitrarily one chooses that moment of experience from which to look back or from which to look ahead…

    ‘Shall I wrap that one too for you?’

    ‘That won’t be needed merci.’ I say to the bookseller as I close The End of the Affair from Graham Greene and place it back at the discount table. Shakespeare and Co. is one of the quirkiest bookstores that I have ever been to, I come here at least once a month. With its narrow passageways, wonky-looking bookshelves, and an antique, upstairs library that is full of cozy little reading nooks I get why Tina showed it to me years ago. She said, that somehow, these stacks of books have this aura of greatness about them that makes you want to endlessly comb through the shelves and create a piece of art that actually means something to the world.

    After paying I leave the store with the paper bag in my hand, looking forward to a quiet night of reading on the couch till Tina gets home. She’s working late the entire week, they are shooting night scenes in Bois de Boulogne. Passing square René Viviani my lips curve up thinking back about my visit to the set. It was earlier today when I, armed with a bag of her favorite sandwiches and my best smile, received my visitor pass and the security guard informed Mrs. Porter that I’m at the gate. Waiting for her I bit my lip and felt like housing a woodpecker inside the chambers of my heart, pecking in a rapid rhythmic succession, knowing that she again or still uses my name. After greeting me with an elated kiss she fascinated me with her stories behind the second world war setting. Bois de Boulogne didn’t look anything like I know it to be, I felt caught in 1943, with Nazi uniforms, authentic haircuts and vehicles. When she pointed out the places they were about to bomb saying how spectacular it was going to be, I shook my head. I guess when your wife is working in the movie business you get used to every day sayings like; Honey, I won’t make it home for dinner we’re about to set Manhattan on fire;  I had such an amazing day at work today, we finally killed the mother, it was beautiful; Sorry babe, I gotta run, our monkey’s escaped.

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    1. Welcome back and congratulations with your upcoming wedding! Did you found the perfect rings?

      What a way to come back with this story! They are on the right path and they need to keep talking to each other, about their fears, their feelings, about everything what is troubling them, makes them happy. Show each other by little things how much they love each other.

      I am very happy Bette didn’t feel threatened anymore by the woman she got to know by searching Google and Tina cheated on Bette with. Still it will sting and hurt sometimes but their is provement.

      Thank you for this chapter!

    2. Congratulations! There is nothing better that building a life with the one you love and who loves you in return. May you know a lifetime of happiness.

      May Bette and Tina continue to find their way back. It’s still rough for Bette but will hopefully continue to get better. That woman needs to stay away from Tina. Yes, Tina has told her it was a mistake but she needs to continue to be as direct as possible. Oh, and Mrs. Porter was a very nice touch.

    3. Congratulations on your engagement! It was as lovely to hear as seeing this new chapter.

      This story is giving me all the feels. I love that Bette doesn’t make herself so sick anymore over that other woman because she is getting more and more confident in her relationship with Tina. She called her Mrs Porter and baby… so lovely <3

    4. “Honey, I won’t make it home for dinner we’re about to set Manhattan on fire; I had such an amazing day at work today, we finally killed the mother, it was beautiful; Sorry babe, I gotta run, our monkey’s escaped.”

      Bwhahaha – this made me laugh out loud. great chapter and congratulations on the home front!


    5. Besides the rest I particularly loved how you wrote NC-17 scene! How you used jewelry to translate Bette’s layered feelings. This wasn’t sex just for purpose of putting sex in ff, but with a meaning to move story forward. Not to mention that it was hot, far from simplistic description, but truly well written. I don’t think I read similar NC-17 in any other ff.All the ‘ahhhs’, ‘ohhhhs’, ‘yesss’ etc. never bring much to the story for my feeling. Well done!
      You are not thinking to finish this story soon, right?

      • Are you such a troublemaker as your nickname implies?

        I’m happy someone noticed the jewelry part, but I don’t share your opinion on NC-17 scenes in other FF’s. There are many amazing writers around here!

        Enjoy the next chapter Troublemaker!

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