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    Unexpected Crisis Chapter 14

    Tina walked into Dr. Crons office for her regular session. Tina had been seeing Dr. Cron twice a week per Dr. Cron’s recommendation as neither were sure how Tina would respond once she started talking about her dysfunctional family history.  They had been talking about a lot of things that had happened over the course of Tina’s life in the previous sessions, but today Tina needed to talk about Bette. Helena gave her some very concerning information about Bette’s current health. Tina was worried but she wasn’t quite sure how to approach the situation. Helena offered to send the company plane to Los Angeles to come get Tina, Helena had said she was worried and Tina should come.  It appeared that Bette was having some significant problems as she transitioned into Menopause .  Bette had passed out at work last week and was taken to the Emergency at the hospital.  Bette had to have a transfusion of two units because of her volume levels.  Helena said that Bette made her promise not to call anyone especially Tina.  She also said that it was looking like Bette was going to need surgery to address the concern, but they were waiting the results from the tests.  Helena, in an attempt to reassure Tina, told her that Peggy had gotten Bette the best gynecologist when Bette first brought up concerns.  Tina’s first instinct was to get to New York, but her rational brain said slow down and wait to see what comes up of the tests.  Tina did not want to upset Bette anymore with her presence.  She told Helena to send the plane so it would be ready if she needs to get to New York.

    ”Good afternoon, Tina, how are you,” Dr. Cron said with a smile.

    ”Well, I have been better,” Tina said as she sat down across from the doctor.

    ”What’s going on?”

    ”It always amazes me that when problems happen, they happen like an avalanche,” Tina began. ”Angie got sent home from camp because she was ditching with her girlfriend who we did not know was at the camp. And…” Tina sighed, ”Bette’s sick. I’m not sure how bad yet, but she has told our friend who is in New York with her, not to call me. Helena Peabody, who is the friend, says I should come,” Tina’s eyes begin to well up. ”Oh my God, how did we get here. If I lose her,” Tina grabs a tissue. ”I don’t know what I would do. And, if I go…,” Tina sighs, ”I have hurt her so much, I don’t even know if I have the right to be by her side.”

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    1. Well you may not like my post. Bette has cancer? Why can’t their road back to one another not involve a potentially fatal disease? This makes me very sad. This is similar to Melvin dying and Tina returning when she was obviously not ready only to leave Bette again. If Bette survives how can she ever be sure of Tinas love? Will she believe it is sympathy or guilt? Tina has major issues and illness is a troublesome way to have them reconnect. Also not sure why Angie got away with being kicked out of camp. She lost out on a great opportunity. Too much freedom to make bad choices.

    2. Billy I agree with you! It seems that some tragic event precedes this couple reuniting. Yes, when our lives are in turmoil we often reach out to our soulmate for comfort. That also means the conflict that drove them apart is set aside and never gets resolved. There is hope when Tina arrived and Bette didn’t send her out..she just reached out for the comfort of Tina’s arms. No matter what Bette’s prognosis they need to work through the hard stuff. Not sure what is going to happen. Sounds like Bette has cancer and given the symptoms shared it sounds serious. But it doesn’t have to be a death sentence! Please post again soon. I do look forward to this story…so much to work through. Thank you for this chapter..stay safe!

    3. Thank you for the chapter!

      I must say i don’t agree with comments above – sometimes serious problems like disease not necessarily replace fixing some problems, but maybe just speed up things.
      But of course i agree they would still need to working on their problems along with Bette’s illness.
      And i like Tina’s flashback about their wedding

    4. Tina is right – when bad things happens, it comes in bunches. For Bette, Tina announced her marriage and then she got sick and Angie is making bad choices and Tina has broken her engagement and now she needs surgery. And if it is cancer, that never comes to people at a convenient time. In fact, it has been linked to occuring when the body is at a low point and fails to call enough of its natural defenses to keep it at bay. The deal is for anyone to have a successful recovery, they need to be in the best mind set possible. Tina has always played a nurturing roll in their relationship. She has always been the one who said things are going to be alright and assured Bette that she would be there to take care of her. And Tina has always been true to her word – nurturing Bette through her crisis until it abated and then running away from the relationship. Will this one be any different. I have no doubt that Tina will stay by Bette’s side and care for her and give her hope that things will be alright. Then she will begin to heal their relationship or she will leave again. And Bette’s greatest fear will be that she will become emotionally dependent on Tina and that eventually she will leave again. So if Bette is to have a recovery, Tina must show her that she is there for life and she will do whatever it takes to stay and remain connected. Tina must be sure that this is what she wants for her future and she must prove to Bette that she will do everything in her power to stay with her for life. Bette’s doubts and fears could be detrimental to Bette’s health and recovery.

      I am hooked on this story….I think we need a little more of the back story as to why Bette has taken refuge with Peggy and how Helena and Bette have become friends yet seeming to maintain her friendship with Tina. I find it good that Tina is getting therapy. I hope that maybe she will see a therapist while she is in New York if she remains there very long. And she has to decide how she is going to take full parental responsibilities for Angie while Bette recovers and goes through whatever treatment she needs to go through. Tina is once again going to have to make a decision: job or family? I would assume that the hiatus is only a few months. Bette may not be well enough in a few months to assume responsibilities for Angie while Tina returns to Vancouver for filming. This is also a crucial time in Angie’s life where she is transitioning between a child and a young adult. Soon she will be in college and will be making decisions without benefit of adult supervision. This is the time when parents are teaching their children that there are consequences for their decisions and some consequences may not be desirable and can have a life time effect.

      Bottom line is: What does Tina want her life to be? And what does Bette want her life to be? And are they able to make that happen?

      Look forward to more… thank you for the update.

      • Excellent post. Agree with all you write. Given their history I worry that Tina will leave again. She still does not have a clue why she actually leaves Bette. But she has done it more than once. Bette was probably able to finally breathe when they got married. And even that fell apart. Clearly Bette does not trust Tina with her heart. Tina was not supposed to be told about Bette’s illness. Bette is extremely vulnerable right now and I am sure petrified and rightfully so.

    5. Love your story and all the above comments; however, it hits very close to home for me. My mother died from cancer within three weeks of diagnosis. All this time, I was in denial and shock; nearly to the moment she passed. I had no idea she was so sick, as she
      lived several hours away from me, and kept this information from me until it was too late.

      Please post again soon. I definitely don’t want our beloved Bette to die, this or any other way!

    6. Enjoyed the chapter and all the above comments.

      Really into this Story now and look forward to your next post.

      I thought the flash back to the Wedding was good but made Tina leaving again even more strange.

      I hope Bette is not going to have to suffer too much as, times being as they are now in the World, I don’t think I could cope!

      Thanks for sharing your storytelling talent, stay safe

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