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    A Journey Long Overdue Chapter 13

    Tina pulled into the parking lot that was identified as her destination on her GPS.  She parked and looked at the clock on her dashboard, realizing she was 30 minutes early for her appointment.  Tina sat in thought, recalling how Nat was great when Tina explained what she needed and how she understood Tina’s request for confidentiality.  Nat was able to give her a referral to a psychologist specializing in treating adults with childhood trauma.  Alice had spoken of Nat’s sensitivity and stability and Tina saw it.  Nat had already shown her ability to manage the often impulsive behaviors of Alice.  Nat’s background as a therapist gave her a natural patience that any partner of Alice’s needed.  Tina had hoped Nat could give her some direction on her quest to resolve long unaddressed issues from her childhood that seem to be the reason for on going difficulties in her close relationships.  When Alice first got involved with Nat, she shared with Tina her experience of Nat as gentle, understanding and supportive, especially when Alice started talking about her painful breakup with Tasha.  Tina was hoping that Nat’s sensitivity would help her not to be quick to judge her and the mess Tina has made with her family, as she could see Nat becoming a good friend.

    Tina looked at the clock, took a deep breath and said to herself, ”here we go.”

    Tina walked up to the reception desk and checked in. She was given a stack of papers to fill out, typical of having a new doctor. Just as she was finishing up, a tall brunette woman about Tina’s age walked up to her and said, ”Hi, I’m Dr. Kathy Cron, you must be Tina Kennard?” She reached out her hand and gave a reassuring smile. Tina nodded as she stood up and took the doctor’s hand. ”Nat called and told me to expect you. I’m glad you decided to come. I understand how hard it can be to take the first steps,” she said as she lead Tina to her office.

    An hour later Tina emerged from the office building unsure what to make of her first session with Dr. Cron. She had been in therapy before, so she had a running idea of how things should go. Dr. Cron put Tina at ease very quickly and the doctor settle her mind enough that she was able to give Dr. Cron an idea of what brought Tina to see her. Tina had a sense from how Dr. Cron approached the session, that this would be a different experience for her, and hopefully one that could help her resolve some things that have impacted her entire life.

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    1. SuperK

      Still now sure about your story. Trying to stick with it. Curious – unless you know something that most others do not, Laurel’s availability has not been announced. And how would that influence your story? Plus we do not even know the longevity of the show. I know you are trying to base your story on the new show but there is so very little known. It seems to me that from Tina announcing her engagement to Carrie forward you have a blank slate to do what you want. Helena is not even in the new show. You have lots of room to play. Do you not agree? Also please don’t have Bette be seriously ill or an alcoholic. Thanks.

    2. Thank you for the chapter!

      Is Bette ill? Tiring to much, pale – i guess it’s possible.

      Don’t like Jordie influence on Angie. Maybe you can rid of her?

      And in the last – about Laurel. In her last interview to Diva she said that she even not sure that writers and producers want her character to be present in s2. So we really don’t know nothing about her presents in s2, even when she get a time – her exhibition in London has been moved to July 2021.

      • What I mean by my reference to Laurel and her presence in the show is that the way they are writing it, if the plan is endgame for them together, it is going to take awhile to do it and to be frank, all the interviews I have read Marja doesn’t see to to want them together. I think it is a big mistake destroy that relationship and make them just friends but hey it is her show. Jennifer is an Executive Producer and I think she needs to start acting more aggressive about this story arch. Her and Laurel know the impact of these characters on the community. I sense the ratings will have an impact on the revisit that decision.

        • I think Marja main responsibility – it’s new cast. Storyline about three OG – it’s their responsibility, as EP, and IC. So i’m sure it was IC decision and JB agreed on it – to divorced Tibette.
          And sorry, but i don’t very believe in all what JB said in her interview. So i’m not really sure if she want Tibette together or only like co-parenting – she talked a lot about this.

          • Zhenya

            I wouldn’t be surprised if all the interviews are BS. LH and JB are not friends only colleagues so TiBette may be no more due to a lack of desire to make it work. I guess we will all have to see what they do, but we will have fun doing it our way. LOL

            • For me only hope i have for Tibette it’s about Laurel return. She not producer GQ – she don’t care about ratings this show, and she don’t need a money – so if she return – maybe she’ll been promised something for them – i think it’s main reason for her return. Yeah, we’ll see.

        • When did this become a discussion about the actresses? I don’t think it is appropriate to make comments like they are not friends or you don’t trust JB or what is said in the interviews. You do not know any of that to be true. I love reading TiBette stories because it gets me away from this kind of speculative gossip. Here is one fact: Bette (JB) and Tina (LH) are the faces of the original L Word brand. JB is an EP and has some power. What that or anything else means is anyone’s guess. This whole COVID 19 pandemic could result in no season 2 in 2000. Could change the focus of the show. Maybe there never will be a season 2. I have been rereading a lot of TiBette fanfiction. I love the stories. It has been a great escape. TiBette will always be my favorite couple.

          • You are very correct about the speculative aspect of the interviews. Most of what I say is taking on face value. It is all in fun, and I agree, it appears many series are in trouble because of this situation. Who knows what will happen, fanfic is fun and conversations are just people’s thoughts. Just fun.

    3. Okay….so Tina is in therapy, Angie is about to go into therapy and Bette is depressed and possibly sick. Bette come home for the auction, has a disastrous meeting with Bette, then Bette does some house reorganization and then goes back to New York? Tina stays in Los Angeles and is living where? In a hotel? So is Angie staying with Shane while Bette is in New York?

      I agree with Tina, its not going to be an easy fix. Its going to take many months particularly when Bette is spending a lot of time in New York. At the moment, Bette seems so hurt, that her only tool for self preservation is to avoid Tina all together. It going to take some time before Bette can feel comfortable enough to be in the same room with Tina. I look forward to seeing how this story resolves this.

      Thanks for this chapter……Look forward to more.

    4. Martha

      End of last chapter, Shane invites Tina to stay with her temporary until she finds a more permanent situation, so both Angie and Tina are at Shane’s for now. I figured I had to use that big house of Shane’s for something.

    5. There are so many options for this story. I am a Tibette fan and a hopeless romantic. So I hope they find each other again. They have difficulty staying together but can’t handle their partner with anyone else….a great dilemma Not sure about Bette’s health, she did say she is having a terrible time with the change. Peggy was going to get her in to see a doctor, hmmm wonder if that took place and we just don’t know about it yet. I do get a little tired of reuniting the pair when one of them is sick or in some trouble. On the other hand, when your soul mate is in need you are always going to be pulled to their aid. If they do get back together the 3, Tina, Bette, and Angie need to be in therapy both individually, couple and family! Those would be some great story lines. After all this SuperK it is your story to tell. I am interested where you take us with this story. Enjoy reading it and very much look forward to your posts. As for escape, much like our couple I find myself in denial of so much right now. I look forward to the respite of losing myself in the lesfan stories. Thank you so much for this gift of story you are sharing with all of us. It truly is a gift to me!

      • Finn

        You are so right about therapy being rich with storylines. But like everything it is a process. Like any dilemma in life, things keep going even if you stand still to figure things out. Our girls are struggling for sure, But something my wife told me recently when we were discussing the issue of divorce, she said every relationship is different and a divorce is only a piece of paper. If two people love each other, they we figure out how to be together. Gave me hope.

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