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    War, Love, and Commitment…a Sci-Fi Story Chapter 2 – THE MOLE

    New Pasadena, 9:50 pm. Sunday, August 5, 2057. New CalTech-Biochemistry building – Annex


    As soon as the blonde has entered the annex and walked in front of her, Willow followed her; the witch was hidden behind a cabinet of  first aids in the corridor connecting the studio-apartments; she was wearing gloves and has some herbs on her hands, about which the redhead was thinking.

    Willow: ‘here it is all I need, Brugmansia, toloache, hop, valerian, Rehmannia, ligustrum skullcap and Sauzgatillo I think I don’t need the last ones, those are mainly for men’

    The redhead put back the two herbs in their respective bags and waited until the blonde reached her door.

    Willow: ‘it is show time, let’s use the magic word and you Tina Kennard will be my best friend, bye, bye to your gorgeous girlfriend and you will focus  all your attention on me’

    Of course Tina wasn’t unaware of the danger, as well as Bette, Bo and her mother, she had developed the ability of foreboding and anticipation and she has sensed someone behind her, since her entrance in the annex, as she was walking she started sharpening her telepathic abilities, reaching the other person’s thoughts; she senses the gloves, the herbs, the intentions… is time Tina.

    Willow starts reciting the words, but the blonde was already prepared and her mind and speed were faster than Willow’s spell and before the redhead could notice, Tina has her on her knees with her arms twisted behind her body and the redhead started crying.

    Tina: “okay witch, what’s wrong with you? I told you I have a girlfriend, and I won’t betray her… now, tell me… what part of it you don’t understand?”

    Willow: “I’m sorry, please, I didn’t mean to do any harm…, I just wanted your help…”

    Tina dragged Willow to her room avoiding touching the herbs, though some of them had already fallen on the floor.

    Tina: “where is the chip-key of your apartment?”

    Willow: “In my pocket”

    Carefully Tina looks for the chip and opens the redhead’s apartment door, pushing her inside; she ties the witch hands and sits her on a chair.

    Tina: “now…, you tell me from the beginning … what do you want?”

    Willow: “has anybody told you, how gorgeous you look when you are mad…?”

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    1. My friend, I finished reading this chapter.
      And we go again in parts.
      Tina always alert to anyone who walks behind her, I think Willow
      Will not try to do her witchery, she’ll just think of Bette kicking her
      Ass to hyperspace! Lol
      There is really someone in the group who wants to sabotage this mission,
      That was very clear. The group has to stay alert with this hidden enemy.
      I have my suspicions …
      And this love triangle is not going to work. They need to understand the risks of these choices they are making, because in my opinion it is a relationship that indicates disharmony. To go beyond this free will is to disrespect yourself and all involved. They need to know, what they want and with whom they want to stay because they have to know how to understand the risks that this love affair is, someone is going to get hurt.
      And I’m looking forward to the reunion of our couple, sparks will fly in this
      And thank you very much for putting one of my photographic arts, you can feel at ease
      To use as many as you need for your story.
      The entire universe
      Bear hug .

      • Hey my friend Mscully,

        You are right, Willow won’t harass Tina anymore, however, both Willow and Tina are a little funny, Willow is in love with her death girlfriend Tara but doesn’t discard a fling with someone else, like Tina in this case.
        Tina, on the other hand, apparently would like to be flirted by another girl different than Bette (maybe is good for her ego); but she is faithful and loyal to Bette. Bette is missing her a lot. But that is the situation, when you are far from your love for a while (and you have never been far before) the reunion sometimes feels “odd” just for a little while, I, also want to see what they are going to do to reconnect.
        Yes, definitely there is a mole, who could be? they have to dig in what happened 55 years ago to find out.
        Thanks so much for reading and commenting, and I’m infinitely grateful for your pictures. I will try to post soon.

        A big bear hug


    2. Great chapter as usual!

      I worry about the mole, it can create a massive fall out between both groups.

      And the girls are together again, looking forward to how they are gonna reconnect after a month of seperation.

      Thank you for the incredible chapter!

      • Hi Bibi:

        Yes, the girls are back together and we’ll see what they could do when they get organize themselves, in the next few days.
        The mole is there, definitely, who is it? Well, some of them have to use their memories from years ago, to help Louise’s team to find out.
        Thanks so much for reading and for your comments, I will try to post soon



    3. Okay! So, these lines, “Tina: “you were planning to use the chemicals in those herbs against me”

      Willow: “nooo…, I just wanted to use them to attract your attention…”

      Tina: “no, you wanted me to forget my girlfriend”

      Willow, Willow…a dangerous ill-informed trick you minx!

      • Hi, Command:

        Thanks so much for reading (that means a lot to me).
        We have here a teenager, Tina, who had (and still have) only one sexual experience, who is a little spoiled and very smart, but a good girl, and there is another young woman (Willow) who is indeed no so young (should have 75 if weren’t in the wormhole) she is interested in Tina’s knowledge but also has a little crush on her; and even though they both, may be very sure about their feelings for their lovers, they cannot avoid flirting a little bit. And Willow is not too bad, she is just feeling too lonely (she is a loner).
        Thanks again for reading and commenting.


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