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    War, Love, and Commitment…a Sci-Fi Story Chapter 5- BETTE’S 18-YEARS OLD BIRTHDAY

    New Pasadena, 8:30 pm. Wednesday, December 19, 2057.  New CalTech-Biochemistry building – Small Auditorium top floor.


    The seven commensals are waking up; Bette’s face is wet with tears that still running for her cheeks, she is leaning her head on Tina’s shoulder, the blonde also sobbing, is tightly hugging her and caressing her hair, Kit is weeping too in Angus’ arms, Louise has her face hidden in Sharon’s neck and is crying silently and Melvin has his elbows on the table, holding his forehead with his crossed hands, his eyes are closed and wet; but finally after few minutes he talked.

    Melvin: “let’s have dinner while we talk about what has to be done to win this war”

    Dinner went almost silent, they only talked to comment and make suggestions on how to fight and assault the Hellmouth and about how to control the mole.

    Melvin: “do we know for sure who the mole is?”

    Louise: “I’m pretty sure, it is Robin Wood”

    Bette: “yes, I agree”

    Melvin: “then, we have to prepare a very good plan to penetrate his brain”

    Louise: “I think we should give priority to that, but some of us still need to work in the strategy to defeat and close the Hellmouth, I think Bette, Tina, and Angus should keep working on it, and the rest of us Kit, Sharon, Melvin and me, we have to work in the way to enter the mole’s brain and neutralize his followers”

    Melvin: “good, it is clear, how Bette, Tina, and Angus are going to work; they should go back to the lab and keep doing what they excel in; but how about us? How are we going to work this task of possessing the Mole’s brain?”

    Louise: “you heard Maxine; we’ll probably figure it out when sleeping and if she said that’s the way, it will happen”

    Melvin: “yeah…, I think we should wait and be prepare to meet again as soon as we have any new clue”

    When the dinner ended, Kit and Angus removed the dirty dishes and cutlery and placed them in a robot-dish washer, and the remaining food to a food-leftover preserving device, a type of special refrigerator with a scanner which will determine the type of food preservation treatment needed and will proceed to encapsulate and vacuumed each tray of food. When the table was cleaned, everybody said goodbye and retired to rest, Bette and Tina were the first on leaving the dining room, followed closely by Kit and Angus but when Sharon, Louise, and Melvin were at the door, the widower spoke.

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    1. OMG, why do you writers torture us with cliffhangers 😣

      Fantastic update! I loved Bette’s birthday surprise 😉

      I do hope that when the war ends you are getting Bette and Tina together asap. I don’t have good feelings about being Bette lost. But I have Faith in you that you will get Bette back where she belongs, Tina and her family.

      Ok, i am way ahead, you only mentioned it and have to maybe write first.

      Thank you for the update!

      • Hi Bibi:

        Thanks for your comment, I’m glad you liked Bette’s birthday surprise 😉; about this story, I have planned 7 chapters (there was going to be 10 short chapters but as they are large, there will be just 7) and I hope you’ll like the end; but it will be a third book which I will start much later, because I’ll start something else 😊, here, before that. Thank you again for reading and for your valuable comments 👍.


    2. My goodness, what a gift Tina provided for
      Bette, it was a very hot birthday party! Bette com
        All certainty will never forget this night of love. I loved it
      the choice of music.
      And I loved the idea of teleportation that this medallion can do,
      as in the Star Trek series. And I read a few years ago about a study of
      scientists made the teleportation of data, the teleportation of a packet of data was made for the first time from one end to another of an electronic circuit. Based on the laws of quantum physics, I am not an expert on this subject, and I do not know how the advances in these studies of teleportation are, but I wonder if this really could be possible, I’m sorry, I’m already in my reveries, I’m an ardent fan of science fiction, here’s my question, is teleportation possible?
      And I hope that the mother of tina returns because it would be a hard blow for her to be without her mother.
      All universe
      Bear hug

      • Hi, my dear friend:

        Yes, I believe teleportation would be possible, and there would be different ways to work it. I honestly think that it would be a little long to find the way as it is described in Startreck; even the interstellar travel and the warp speed; I think they are possible.

        But what I think it may be easier is using wormholes to transport people and objects in space and time; I know there is a barrier, the singularity issue, but it may be faster and economic to go through that alternative than using the others proposed in Startreck.

        And yes, Tina was very bold; you know what love makes us do, crazy and bold things. Well, I think you should read the next chapters and you will be amazed about the next events.

        Thank you so much for reading and commenting my friend

        Bear hug


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