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    War, Love, and Commitment…a Sci-Fi Story Chapter 6 – LOUISE’S PLAN, BETTE’S PLAN AND A MOLE IN THE BAG.

    New Pasadena, 2:30 am. Friday, May 17, 2058. New CalTech-Biochemistry building – Annex –Rossi – Fairbanks’s apartment


    Melvin Porter is sitting on the sofa of the Louise’s and Sharon’s living room, he is remembering…, he was summoned by Louise thirty hours ago in her office, to confirm her plan, her ‘spiritual trip’ to the World of the Dead, he knew it was, probably, going to be a one-way ticket, so, he tried to make Louise wait, in case other alternatives emerge, but the professor knew the time was getting short; he still remembered their conversation.


    Thirty hours ago in Louise’s office

    Melvin: ”Louise, what would happen if you couldn’t come back …, we won’t get the information of how to control the mole and defeat the First Evil…, all your sacrifice will be for nothing?”

    Louise: ”no…, we still have Willow, her girlfriend is there, and if I can’t come back it would be because the First Evil is concentrating its power on holding me back there, in that moment the witch could contact her dead girlfriend and she will receive the message”

    Melvin: ”so, this is your plan…? You go there as a bait to let Willow get the information…? Are you nuts? Come on Louise”

    Louise: ”if there is no other way I’ll do it”

    Melvin was angry, this is not only going to destroy Tina and Bette, but also to undermine the confidence of all the changed, Louise can’t do that, he has to make her understand this, and if he couldn’t do it using reason, he will make a dirty play”

    Melvin: (sighing) ”…oh…, it is because of her, right?”

    Louise: ”her…? What do you mean?”

    Melvin: ”you know what I mean…, it is because of Maxine…, staying there you would have her and by addition Kristen too…”

    Louise was shocked, how Melvin dares to tell her that garbage; it is totally unfair, if she could choose, she wouldn’t do this connection with Maxine, but she has to do it.

    Louise: (angry and sad) ”you know, Melvin…, I thought you knew me better, I loved and love her, both of them, but I would never leave Tina and Bette… and all of you for a good fuck with the love of my life…, I am too old for that…, I just want a future for my babies, for your daughter and mine, for the young…, for all of you…, shit, Melvin”

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    1. I loved the update! The pictures are beautiful!

      Thank god Louise came back to Bette &Tina. And wow, they are,married, so cool, i really loved their talk about their feelings and how they are connected at all possible ways. I hope they will be able to stay strong after the war ends. Your mentioned more then once about Bette being lost after the war.
      I am looking forward to the next update!

      Thank you!

      • Hi Bibi:

        I’m very glad you liked the chapter, I needed to explain a little bit more about the astral trip of Louise, and how Bette and Tina grew up emotionally with all the difficulties and stress of the war, and how they start caring more and more for the other than for themselves, and of course what usually happens in wars, people start looking for consolidate their commitments and put their things in order. Besides, I need Bette and Tina and some other couples very unified for what could happen in the future. Next chapter will be the last one and the next story in this series of three will start at the end of the year because I have already another story to share and post here pretty soon. Thanks so much again Bibi, for reading and commenting.


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