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    We are all in this together Ch 13

    Bette stood leaning against the doorway of the open French Doors. She raised her cup of coffee and took a slow sip as she watched Tina and Alice vigorously following the Spin Class instructor on the TV. She could hear the kids laughing and splashing in the pool. The energy of youth, she thought chuckling to herself as she continued to gaze upon the two women exercising.

    Her conversation with Tina the night before continued to roll around in her head. Maybe Tina was right. Maybe she was looking for some sort of closure. Although it happened years ago, the whole situation with Laura left a bad taste in her mouth. She would like to think if Laura was still alive, that she would have forgiven an immature move Bette made all those years ago. It seems Laura did forgive her on some level by giving her the research for the lost painting. However, there was no excuse, of course. Laura left her because she was too weak to stand up to her father. The shame of how she let him disrespect her and then allowed it to happen again with Tina still haunted her.

    Bette’s stomach growled. Coffee was a poor substitute for breakfast, she thought.

    ”A little hungry?” Nat said with a smile as she walked up to Bette holding her own cup of coffee.

    She smiled back at the woman who had captured her blonde friend’s heart while helping her reconcile the loss of two important relationships. ”Waiting for the girls.” She took another sip. ”The sugar loaded cold cereal the kids had this morning just wasn’t appetizing to me,” Bette said shifting her gaze back to Tina and Alice.

    ”Yeah, me neither… I used to live on the stuff. I guess age has changed my taste buds, that and a desire to maintain a semblance of my waistline from my youth,” she laughed as she shifted her gaze to the two women exercising. ”God… how do they manage to keep up. I mean, Alice dragged me to one of her classes once and I died after about 10 minutes,” she laughed.

    A slow smile grew on Bette’s face as she nodded. ”The girls have been doing Spin Classes for over a decade. Shane used to do them also, but I think she gave up long ago.” Bette looked down at her cup, ”I think she was there more to pick up girls,” she laughed to herself.

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    1. Welcome back!!

      Got the notification yesterday that you had posted.

      Great writing as always.

      Such a dark time for Tibette with the pandemic still raging and their personal issues they are working through as a couple once again.

      Don’t stay away so long next time!

      Thanks for this treat.

    2. Still sticking to this story!

      Welcome back!

      Wow Alice, great talk and advice she gave Angie.

      It’s hard to reconcile and more harder with Covid but i have faith in our ladies. Bette opened up to Nat and i really hope she talks to Tina and Tina to Bette, be open about their feelings, their concerns. In other words, they need to communicate instead of holding it in and in Tina’s case at the end run away.

      Please don’t let us wait that long for another chapter, i need to know that Shane will be alright!

    3. I am a little lost in this story. I had thought that Tina and Bette had been through much therapy and resolved many of their issues such as the reason Tina left and why she and Bette drifted apart. And although the time of Tina’s leaving was a tumultuous time for Bette as Kelly was trying to destroy her career as well as her personal relationship falls apart. I have a hard time seeing Tina being upset with Bette for not telling her about this episode in her life. When people are apart, there are going to be things which are not communicated to the other party. And meaningfulness of the missed communications is in the eyes of the beholder. Bette feeling that it was a painful time during her life and believing perhaps falsely that it was done and dusted would have been a natural omission from their conversations. It is only that Kelly has resurfaced that made it necessary to tell Tina what happened. But Tina must assume some responsibility as she was not available in real time to assist Bette in dealing with this episode in her life. Its purely a by product of the separation. My advice to Tina is to deal with the here and now and set the past aside.

      I would also like to see Tina become a little less self obsessed and a little more engaged in the relationship. I would give the same advice to Bette. Look for something in your lives which the two of you can work on as partners and contributors to the final results. Living in the same house as housemates with benefits does not naturally build a relationship. There must mutual goals and some interaction besides attraction and sexual desire to make of a close and committed relationship. With the Covid shutdown possibly drawing to a close, they have missed a golden opportunity to build that partnership and mutual goals that long term relationships require. At this point, both Tina and Bette are just waiting for the return to normalcy whereby their jobs will continue and their separate lives will go on. Tina will have much out of town travel. Bette will have her gallery and Angie will be off to school. And their relationship will hang together because the love each other, and even desire each other, but are suspicious that the other will not behave as they would like.

      To me, Tina has not proven that whatever caused them to break up in the past will not become a problem again. And Tina is still having a problem in accepting Bette for who she is. I still do not see where is this “domineering” woman that Tina believes Bette to be. To me, this is simply a false perception that Tina has. If Tina feels that she is living in Bette’s shadow and fears such, then she lacks self awareness and of what is really going on. Tina holds the job and the profession she chooses. She participates in the activities she wishes to participate in. She makes her choices with and without consulting Bette. That does not appear to be a dominating force. To me, Tina needs to decide whether she wants to live with Bette as a roommate or have a truly committed joint partnership with Bette. And that to me is where Bette wonders if Tina will up and bolt the relationship once again. And this is such a concern that even Angie sees this as a concerned that her parents will be together in the long run. And none of this is progressing Bette and Tina’s relationship into a more stable and committed one. I see much more trouble ahead.

      I appreciate you writing the chapter… look forward to the next.

      PS. Let Shane be alright. No more Covid deaths please.

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