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    Life Goes On Chapter 12

    The next few weeks were a whirl wind. Los Angeles had been opening up gradually as summer unfolded and everyone seemed to start to feel a level of normalcy. People were traveling again. For some, it was more limited in how they moved around often opting for old fashion road trips. But, of course, there were those who did not see the Pandemic as such a serious situation, more an extended vacation.  They were traveling to further destinations across country and south to the few remaining open resorts. Bette and Tina had a long discussion about traveling. Tina dug in regarding any air travel being dangerous. It was rather interesting the role reversal of their perspective that had taken place over the last few months regarding the Pandemic.  Bette was coming more from the position, that if precaution were taken, catching anything was remote. But Bette understood Tina’s concerns and opted to put the whole treasure hunt issue away for a while. It was not worth the disagreement as Tina’s motivation was only a concern for the welfare of their family.

    Bette with a great deal of persuasion, convinced Tina that a road trip would be good for them. Although, they had managed to find comfort in their home, quarantine fatigue had taken hold of them all. Getting out into a new environment was greatly needed for their mental health. So, the Porter-Kennard family decided to spend a week in Palm Springs. They rented a house and invited Shane and Alice to come along. Shane was busy with her bar and grill, but Alice and Nat jumped at the idea of getting out of Los Angeles. Both Bette and Tina were glad they were coming along and thought this would be a great opportunity to gauge how Alice was doing. The anniversary of Dana’s death had come and gone. Neither had the opportunity to speak to her about Dana since Tina’s effort several months prior and Nat had not said anything about Alice’s mental state. So, with kids in tow, the two families escaped Los Angeles at least for a week.

    The Porter-Kennard family left early not knowing what the Friday traffic would look like. Bette looked over at Tina with a loving smile as she directed the car towards the transition East on the 111, it was a steady, comfortable ride with the air conditioning running on a typical warm day for this time of the year. It was a beautiful morning and Bette felt a weight moving off her shoulders as each mile passed.  The stress from the Pandemic had been building over the last few weeks.  The treasure hunt added a whole other layer of worry, so it was nice to be letting it go for a while. She looked again over at Tina who was lost in thought staring out the side window.

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    1. Oh, what a nice surprise, another chapter! It appears that you have posted the chapter twice… You need to go to My writings and Trash and then Permanently delete (from the trash) the one you do not want.

      I still am confused by Tina… I see Bette still worried about losing Tina. I see them making an attempt but having trouble getting to the heart of the matter. What is it that causes them to want to flee from each other? This project could be the healing balm they both need… but only if they work on it together.

      Glad to see these two are making some progress in their communication. But they have a ways to go…

      Hope to see more soon. Thanks..

    2. Hey Pal,

      Great to see an update on this story. Glad you are continuing with it.

      I too think they should work on the project together – for bonding, to help resolve some of their long-standing complex issues and to stop running from each other.

      I do hope that Kelly will be finally held accountable for her behavior & actions.

      Hope all is well !!

      Keep writing!!!

    3. I picked up reading your story. Happy that you haven’t give up on it. Please continue. It’s a great story. I like how you weave the COVID situation into your plot. Yes, one tends to forget the worst of the pandemic even if it’s not that long ago.

      I hope Tina will decide to go with Bette on this treasure hunt. Wouldn’t it be the icing on the cake if Tina would be the one to bring Kelly to her knees? I love Tina when she is in boss-mode. She gets things done. In a different way than Bette but that could be the thing that Kelly didn’t take into account. Tina is powerful in her job, she has ressources, maybe for a diversion for Kelly. Anything to reveal Kelly’s true self to the world.

      Hoping for more :)

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