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    Chapter 37




    Jule – I think we deserve a celebration … don’t we?

    Bette – Which kind of celebration?

    The sculptor holds her hand and leads her into the bedroom with a sensual smile.


    Helena – You have captured my attention … from the first moment I saw you.

    Tina sighs. The English woman lowers her face and slowly brings her lips toward the blonde’s.



    Giuliana’s bedroom, night: Bette and Jule enter the bedroom. At the sight of the bed, the gallery owner turns serious and stops. Jule turns around with a frown.

    Jule – What?

    Bette looks down.

    Bette – Jule, I …

    Jule raises her eyebrows.

    Jule – Oh, shit! I didn’t wanna believe it … It’s serious, isn’t it?

    Bette looks up at her and sighs.

    Jule – Are in love with her?!

    Bette – I told you … we broke up, Jule.

    Jule smirks and shakes her head.

    Jule – No, you haven’t …


    Helena’s Aspen mansion, night:  As Helena lowers her face, Tina looks down before they kiss.

    Tina – I’m sorry, Helena … I can’t.

    Helena – Is it because of the business relationship, Tina? As much as I believe your company is a wise investment, we do not have to do business together. You are more important to me than your business.

    The blonde presses her lips together.

    Tina – I wish that it was the only reason, Helena.

    She sighs.

    Tina – I don’t usually discuss my personal life before a business deal, but I don’t want to mislead you. (pause) I haven’t yet moved on …

    Helena frowns and steps away, sadly.

    Helena – From Bette Porter.

    Tina nods.

    Helena – You are wasting your time, Tina. She is dating other women.

    The blonde looks sad. She gazes at the mountain again and sighs.


    Bette’s home, night: Bette enters her home and drops her purse on a chair. She sits on the living room couch looking pensive and stares at the phone.


    Aspen hotel room, night: Tina is looking out the window of her Aspen hotel room.



    Helena – Speaking of San Francisco, I recently met Bette at a nightclub.

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    1. Wow first to comment… lol.. i liked it.. i knew they loved each other to much to go through with it..hope Tina still gets her backing from Helena with out strings attached. Bette will come around.. It’s still her first time being in love. She just a little unsure about giving her heart away. But I think its all ready you.

    2. Hi! Thank you for another chapter!

      I very glad that they didn’t sleep with another persons. Friends, hmm? I don’t know – it’s better than nothing, but less than i want for them.
      But Tina – you need stop acting like only you been hurt. You telling that you proposed Bette be friends because she broke up with you but c’mon – what choise did you give her? Break without date? What difference between that and break up?

      Waiting for the next!

    3. Hi D:

      Wonderful chapter. Yes, I was thinking when reading the former chapters, one can’t move so quickly into someone else arms, especially after so intense feelings. I’m glad that Helena’s plan of making Tina feel forgotten from Bette, didn’t work. I’m glad that Kit was looking after both lovers. I’m glad that Bette is taking her time to wait for Tina.
      I hope they will soon find their way to each other, it can’t be anything else, because the feelings are there.
      Thanks for this chapter; waiting for the next one.


    4. I love this story! You are really working hard with bringing their relationship back… that Tina has some back history on Bette she seems to be slowly working on bringing her around. Love the flirty night conversations! PPS

    5. Maybe friends with benefits at least?)

      But i think Helena still not give up about Tina, and maybe even to try with her money get what she want.

      Thanks for the update and looking for more.

    6. Looks like I was right to put my faith in you! I knew our girls couldn’t go through with it on their ends. I know we’re on the road to recovery so I’ll just leave it there.

      Thanks for another great chapter!

    7. Friends?! It is a good start for both of them.

      Helena is a desperate bitch by trying to let Tina believe Bette already moved on so that Tina will give in to her. She is a sad person.

      Glad that Kit and Alice talk to them and make them realize how they both feel about each othes point of views.

      Great update, gave my Tibette heart hope for the future!

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