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    Chapter 36 

    Bette’s bedroom, night: Bette is in her bed looking pensive. She picks up the phone on her nightstand and makes a phone call. After a couple of rings, a man answers the phone.

    Man – Summit County Inn, this is the front desk, how may I help you?

    Bette – Would you please call room 307.

    Man – Just a second, ma’am.

    The connection is made and the phone begins to ring again.


    Tina’s hotel room, night: The phone rings in the empty room.  


    Bette’s bedroom, night: After several rings, the answering machine engages.

    Female voice – You have reached Summit County Inn, room 307. Please leave a message after the beep.

    The brunette hangs up with a sigh.


    Breckenridge restaurant, night: Tina and Helena leave the restaurant together with everyone else.

    Tina – You didn’t need to pay, Helena. I invited you to visit us.

    Helena – It is perfectly fine, Tina! The dinner was on me! I understand the struggles of small companies.

    Tina – Thank you! On behalf of the team!

    She extends her hand. Helena shakes.

    Helena – I can give you a lift to the hotel.

    Tina – It’s not necessary. Jen has my car.

    She breaks the handshake.

    Helena – It was a pleasure! I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow!

    Tina – I’ll be there! Good night, Helena!

    Helena – Good night, Tina!

    Helena watches the blonde as she gets into Jen’s car and they drive away.


    Breckenridge streets, night: Jen is driving Tina to the hotel.  

    Jen – She is stunning!

    Tina – She is, isn’t she?

    Jen – And she is smitten with you!

    The blonde chuckles.

    Tina – You remind me of a friend I have in San Francisco.

    Jen – Well, the way I see it, if one makes you cry and the other makes you smile … I would pick the other … particularly with that sexy accent!

    The producer sighs.

    Tina – I wish it were that simple, Jen … Besides, she is a potential investor and is here for business, not pleasure. Let’s not forget that!

    Jen – Oh yeah … that small detail! But I feel that she is trying for both.

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    1. After last chapter i was pretty sure that i don’t like this chapter and i wasn’t wrong.
      Helena played her cards excellent and i was sure she’ll tell Tina about SF bar and Bette. I don’t know if she lied on purpose about Bette’s “date” or she didn’t see that Bette not went with Jule that time – i guess it doesn’t matter because i pretty sure even if she not told about that Tina would still be in her bed.
      Tina – i sure she knew what purpose Helena’s offer and she go for it. Even before she heard about Bette and Jule. So no Tina – you don’t have thinking about exuse for herself – you wanted it – you get it.
      And Bette – i can’t blame her, she think that Tina wants Helena (and that’s right) and of course she needs a distraction too – and she going to Jule
      I really don’t know if i should waiting for the next chapter.

      • Zhenya, I add this comment as a TLW fan, not as the writer. I’m not judging the characters; just following your logic. You seem to rationalize Bette’s actions (“I can’t blame her – she thinks that Tina wants Helena”) but you don’t seem to apply the same logic to Tina’s actions (“you wanted it – you get it”, instead of “I can’t blame her – she thinks that Bette wants Giuliana”). I saw similar reactions during the TV show. It seems biased to me and, for many fans, it comes from their love for Bette. But it almost feels as if B&T are being given traditional male&female behavioral stereotypes, respectively. Bette can be flawed and forgiven; Tina must be virginal, or else.

        • Hmm, yes and no. No because basically i love Bette and Tina equally. I’m not have preference in one of them. For example – in the TLW i didn’t have thought that Tina in s3 betrayed Bette more, than Bette her in s1 (i think they are even in this cases)
          But in some stories with some storylines – yes, i might have sympathize for Bette or Tina more. But it’s all about how storyline go, who hurt each other more. Even in your story at first i have more sympathy for Tina (remember when i comment how i think Bette slept with bartender in her cabin and you answered that she didn’t. Or when they start dating i criticize Bette and wrote that she needs to give more attention to Tina and not some chicks in the bar or loo). But after Tina wanted the break – yes i felt that she betrayed Bette and now i have much more compassion for Bette.

          • Well, since you mention that your sympathy depends on the story, let me discuss the facts of this story that I feel your sympathy for Bette may be disregarding.
            Bette was told by Kit that Helena is pursuing Tina and she is upset. This is all we know. We could infer that she feels insecure and fears that Tina will fall for Helena, but this chapter does not indicate that “she thinks Tina wants Helena”. You seem to think that Tina wants Helena (you wanted it, you get it) based on her interactions with Helena but Bette does not know any of that.
            And regarding Tina’s feelings, the chapter indicates that she thinks Bette stole her heart and that Bette wants Giuliana. So, I feel that “you wanted it, you get it” expresses your feelings about Tina but does not reflect hers.

            • About Bette – like i said after Tina wanted break with her, and how she did it (gave her ultimaum – break or break up without other variants) and after Tina humiliated her in Wendy trailer – yeah i didn’t blame her even if she go to Jule immediately after that.
              About Tina – nobody treated like that (i wrote how she break up with Bette) with person and than tell that this person stole her heart. And i must say – Tina not brainless, right? Than you didn’t think that we can bielive that she didn’t understand what Helena wants from her when she invited her in Aspen? Limo, personal jet – if Tina think that Helena gives that all persons, who want her money – than she really stupid. So, she know what Helena wants from her and still agreed to go to Aspen and gave it to Helena – and that was before she found out about Bette and Jule.

    2. Being a Yale grad Bette is not that smart. She should have listened to Kit and jumped on the next plane back to the ranch. I knew Helena would make a play for Tina. It’s not looking good for now. Am looking forward to next chapter and TX for writing this nice story

          • Why? First – if Tina attracted to Helena (obviously she is) i don’t see how Bette on the rancho can change that. And what – Bette need to forget about her job and wait in the rancho until Tina tired fucking Helena in Aspen? Tina chose her work over Bette, why Bette needs to choose Tina over her life and job?
            And second – even if Bette picked her phone earlier and talked to Tina, even if she forgave Tina how she treated her in Wendy trailer – you do realize that they still on break, right? Remember – it was Tina’s wish. And when couples on break – they allow to see another people.

    3. Delighted to see a new Chapter, enjoyed it but am now really anxious about what I wil read in the next Chapter.

      I really do hate cliffhangers and this one has me hating it more than usual.

      I have mixed feelings as to whether I want you to post the next Chapter soon!


    4. Oh Tina and Bette, they are driving me crazy!

      Helena is a nasty snake, she couldn’t get Bette and now she is doing everything to seduce Tina and Tina falls for it. Ofcourse who wouldn’t be swooned with the wealthy and fake attention.

      I know they are on a break, but this breaks my heart.

      Please let Tina not fall for that British snake and get our girls back.

    5. Roflmao… ooh you are bad.. did that on purpose.. I was wonder why one in the middle of the week…you are a tease..but I dont think either of our women are going to go through with it. Thank you and will see you

    6. hmmmm hopefully I’ll be totally wrong, but B&T are both allowing Hellena & Jule to cross the line because there isnt a commitment of hearts.

      Tina for SURE KNOWS she’s putting herself in the most precarious situation possible!!! Dipshit Wendy easily put her in vice and Tina still stands to loose t all because the movie is not “a wrap”!!

      HEllena knows she gets at least a kiss and will certainly press for more by insisting that Tina isn’t in a relationship

    7. I guess we have crossroad – the story can go in different ways. We might have happy Tibette ending or they go separately roads. I really don’t know after this chapter.
      By the way – what problem with Jan? She seems too eagerly trying to convince Tina hook up with Helena. Jen has hosts for Bette too?

    8. Wow this hurt. Haha I’m hoping for a “No Helena I’m sorry I can’t do this.” from Tina and a “I can’t sleep with you.” from Bette. Why couldn’t you have just been in your hotel room to answer Bette’s call, Tina?!

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