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    Bette – Huh!

    Jim – Yeah, Miss Tina is good with the horses. Brings apples or carrots almost every day. When I saw that she was coming this way, I asked if she could take a look at the cabin. I knew how much you disliked musty smells.

    Bette – I do.

    Jim – She thought that you might not want her here, but when I told her how difficult it was for me to come here regularly, she accepted … as long as I didn’t tell you. But I can’t take credit for something that I didn’t do.

    She smiles.

    Bette – That explains! I did notice a female touch. There were flowers on the coffee table. I was wondering about you.

    He chuckles.

    Jim – You’re not mad at Miss Tina, are you?

    She shakes her head.

    Bette – No. I’m not.

    Jim nods.


    Western Skies ranch, morning: Kit is sitting on the porch when Tina parks her car. The ranch owner beckons to the blonde.

    Kit – Tina!

    Tina – Morning, Kit!

    She approaches.

    Kit – Morning! How are you?

    Tina – I’m good!

    Kit – You look happy today! (pause) Have you been talking to Bette lately?

    Oh God, Kit has a sixth sense! Was she reading my mind last night? – the blonde thinks.

    Tina – Uh … I have. We are finally communicating.

    Kit – Uh-huh …

    Shit! She knows! Yes, Kit, I tried to seduce your baby sis last night! And was a bad girl afterwards!  – muses the blonde, while holding her breath.  

    The rancher looks up at the sky.  

    Kit – Beautiful sunny day, isn’t it?

    The producer exhales and looks up at the sky.

    Tina – Yes, it is!

    Kit – Are you going to ride to the valley today?

    Tina – I was not planning on it.

    Kit – But you should! You need to enjoy the weather a little bit. We never know when a storm will come and ruin our plans around here!

    The blonde nods.

    Tina – You’re right, Kit! We never know!

    Kit – So, you’re going …?

    Tina chuckles.

    Tina – I may …

    Kit – Trust me! Today is the perfect day to go to the valley! Look at the sky!


    1. Hi! Thank you for the chapter!

      About the story i comment later but must say about author note. I don’t agree about Helena – she did lie. Not to Bette in previouse chapter, she did tell Bette true – she likes Tina and want invite her in Paris. She didn’t tell Bette that they dating – it’s true.
      But Helena lied to Tina when she tell her that Bette moving on and dating with another. Because she can’t knew that – all she saw that Bette just speak in club in SF with Jule. It’s not dating.

      • Zhenya, I believe you couldn’t tell in the past whether Helena was lying to Tina or not. I don’t know about you, but if I were Helena, I would think that Bette had a date, particularly because she knew that B&T had broken up and that Bette had a legion of admirers. Sometimes, it just takes a sensual look to give people the impression. But here are some of the phrases: “Jule steps closer and massages Bette’s thigh.”” Helena watches Jule putting the moves on Bette. Alice turns around and purses her lips.”” Jule invades Bette’s personal space and stands between her legs as the gallery owner sits on the stool. Her hands caress the back of Bette’s thighs.” Trust me, she saw some of it and was telling the truth. :D

        • Like i sad – don’t agree. All what Helena saw – it’s Jule who make a move on Bette. She didn’t see nothing what can say that Bette reciprocated or welcome Jule move in club.
          So i stand on my opinion – nothing what Helena saw in club can’t tell her with 100% probability that Bette and Jule are dating

    2. Hi dbff,

      Maybe i am one of the readers who should relax and enjoy? If i was to strong and hard, i apologize!

      I really enjoy this story and can’t wait to see how it ends!

      I agree with you, Tina was always the strongest in their relationship. I love seeing Bette vulnerable and struggling with her feelings and Tina’s is cute and funny with seducing Bette! However in my opinion and wish i would like to see Bette take the bait and give Tina a little teasing too.

      For Helena, we shouldn’t compare her to what she was on the show and in your story. So far she was honest but i really don’t like her, not in your story and in the L Word.

      Like i already said i truly enjoy your story!

    3. Gosh the Author’s Note is almost as long as the Chapter :-)

      I’m relaxed and thoroughly enjoying the story and your characters!

      Loved reading this post and look forward to more.

      Thanks for posting

    4. Lol.. Oh Bette, I dont think you are going to make it.. hehehe.. Tina is going to tease you up into a bigger knot than you are already. And it will be fun to read. Tina knows what she’s doing.. playing innocent but knows she is taking you somewhere you can’t run from her. So far away you can’t run from your love for her. Make you drop your guard and let Tina fully in your heart where it will never leave. Thank you for more of that kryptonite and letting it do its magic.

      As for Helena.. all I can do is laugh and shake my head. Her opinion is neither here or there. Inconsequential.

      Thank you look forward to the camping trip. Wonder how long Bette can take the teasing and pounces on Tina. Lol

    5. I’m probably one of those readers that needs to relax and enjoy the ride, which I will do but just wanted to comment anyway. Tina’s teasing is cute and Bette is totally losing the battle but I hope Tina is also sensitive to Bette’s feelings and her heart. Bette was deeply hurt by her and now she’s acting like it’s a game going behind Wendy’s back, manipulating Bette, and keeping Helena in the wings. Similar to S2 on the show when she told Bette that she wanted to date her but wouldn’t stop seeing Helena at the same time, when she slept with Bette and told her it didn’t change anything, and when they started sleeping together while Bette was with Jodi and Tina called it an affair, while Bette called it ‘coming home’. To me Tina was always frivolous with Bette’s heart and is driven by the sexual attraction, not the deep emotional need that makes Bette so vulnerable to her. I hope Bette doesn’t have sex with her because it will mean something to Bette, but just a conquest to break down Bette’s barriers for Tina. Hopefully Bette goes into it with her eyes open. Bette can also play at that seduction game but I don’t think she would ever treat Tina like that. Thanks for posting.

      • Well, BAT2012 … let me just say that I disagree with your opinion of the character in TLW and in my story. I believe you confuse emotional strength with lack of care. The characters are different and deal differently with pain. I think your prior dislike for Tina influences your interpretation of her actions in this story. You just characterized her putting her movie on the line to meet Bette again as “acting like it’s a game, going behind Wendy’s back, manipulating Bette.” I don’t think I can change your mind, but hope you’ll stick around till the end. I’ll leave you with a phrase that you ignored, and you’re not the first one.
        Tina – Because the one who makes me cry … stole my heart.
        Definition of win/steal/capture one’s heart: to cause another person to feel love for one.

        • dbff I’m sticking with the story and looking forward to the next post. We don’t agree and that’s fine. I don’t have a prior dislike for Tina, I just see beyond the innocence she portrays. She is stronger emotionally than Bette and she uses it to her advantage. There is definitely a double standard that was very obvious in the show. Bette’s mistakes haunted her for life, but Tina never had to account for hers. So we’ll agree to disagree, and I will see how this all plays out. Thanks again for the story.

    6. Oh Tina, you sure are a tease!

      I just had to chime in and also add that Tina still does not necessarily know that Bette thinks she’s ‘with Helena’ and that she also thinks that Tina is trying to “play Bette” by seeming that she’s open to both relationships, when really we know who she really wants.

      Bette has been asking generic questions around the topic of Tina seeming to be with Helena but hasn’t actually asked upfront yet. Not that I remember anyways.

      Still trusting this process! Thanks for the early post!!!

    7. Love the twists and turns in this story. Tina is a tease and Bette doesn’t appear to be very aggressive in having it stop, Finally, I just laughed when Tina whistled and Minnie came back with Charlie following! What a hoot! Wonder how cold Tina will get in the mountains and need Bette’ body heat? PPS

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