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    Chapter 42

    Bette’s cabin, morning: Bette and Tina ride Charlie and Minnie toward the mountains to the West. They gallop through the valley for half an hour until they reach the ranch of a friend of Bette’s. There, they dismount and unsaddle the horses. The blonde has difficulty unlatching the latigo of Minnie’s saddle. She turns to the brunette.

    Tina – Baby, can you help me here?

    Bette stops cold. The blonde turns to her.

    Tina – What?

    She softly smiles with the realization.

    Tina – I can’t call you baby any longer …?

    Bette – It’s highly inappropriate, isn’t it?

    Tina – Sometimes my subconscious wins.

    The brunette unhooks Minnie’s saddle and picks it up while Tina gazes at her. She turns away carrying the saddle.

    Tina – Bette …

    Oh … fuck! – thinks the brunette. This soft way of calling the brunette’s name that only she can … only her voice … only her lips. Tina hardly ever calls her by her name… except … when they are making love. Bette stops and closes her eyes, without turning around.

    Bette – What …?

    Tina – Is this how you want me to call you?

    She fucking knows what she is doing …, Bette concludes. She sighs.

    Bette – It’s my name, isn’t it?

    She walks away.

    The blonde smiles. You will turn around … eventually, she muses.


    Bette friend’s ranch, morning: The two women leave the horses behind and continue their adventure on foot. Each carries a large backpack full of provisions, clothes, a sleeping bag, a canister, a pan. On their way, the brunette describes the region and Tina takes pictures. Bette looks relaxed in her element.


    Colorado Mountains, morning: Bette and Tina arrive at the base of the mountain range and initiate a hike. As they follow the trail up a mountain, the brunette points to a baby mountain goat and his mom at a higher elevation.

    Bette – Look!

    Tina – Ohh … he’s so cute, baby!

    Bette raises an eyebrow.

    Tina – I mean … he’s such a cute baby!

    She smiles and takes a picture. 

    The brunette smiles, shaking her head, and resumes the hike. The blonde rushes after her.

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    1. Yaayyy!!! Finally bette n tina back together again…way to go tina..fight for your love one.. :)
      Just wish the movie finished sooner rather than later..wendy is such a pain in the a** :(
      Thank you for the update..I love how playfull n sneaky tina was in this chapter :p

    2. Thanks dbff. Cute chapter. Tina got her woman back. Let’s see how she speaks her “truth” once they get back down the mountain. Looking forward to how she handles the Wendy situation.

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