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    Chapter 1


    Denver International Airport, evening: A tall, slim, blonde woman in her mid twenties arrives in a flight from Los Angeles.  Carrying a small suitcase and a laptop bag, she makes her way to the car rental counter and later gets into a green Jeep Cherokee. She drives away toward Denver and enters the parking lot of a Sheraton Hotel.


    Denver, Colorado, early morning: The blonde woman leaves the hotel holding a cup of coffee.  She is dressed in blue jeans, a black tee-shirt, knee high leather boots and a rich orange leather coat. She gets into her Jeep and heads West on I-70 toward the mountains.  It’s a spring morning in Colorado. The high elevations are still covered in snow. In the lower elevations, the streams are flowing, the flowers are blooming, the aspen leaves are sprouting and the land is coming back to life.


    Colorado, early morning: The green Jeep stops at a gas station. The blonde steps out of the car and walks up to the small convenience store. Inside, she visits the restroom and quickly grabs a bottle of juice and a couple of bars of chocolate. Her beauty attracts attention from men at the store. After a few minutes of conversation with the female cashier, she returns to her SUV and gets back on the road.


    Colorado, mid morning: The green Jeep reaches higher elevations and leaves I-70 for smaller roads, finally turning into an unpaved road and continuing its path at a lower speed. Inside the SUV, the GPS is lost and the blonde turns it off. 

    Blonde – End of the road …

    She drives looking around and appreciating the beauty of the landscape.

    Blonde – Ranch …

    She reads from a piece of paper.

    Blonde – Western Skies …

    She sighs.

    Blonde – Where is it? The email said 5 miles!

    The beautiful blonde is looking out the side window and does not see a piece of metal in the middle of the road. She drives over the metal and the tire blows up almost sending the Jeep down an embankment. She looks upset and expertly swerves the SUV back to the road. 

    Blonde – Fuck!

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    1. Welcome!!!

      Thank you for this new story, I like your story very much since the beginning, I think it is a very interesting plot and sounds very sensual to me. Definitely, I believe you must continue, I’ll be waiting eagerly for the update.


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