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    Chapter 2




    Blonde – What’s your point?

    Cowgirl – My point is …

    She points to the ranch gate.

    Cowgirl – … you are blocking my way.

    The blonde stands up to look at the gate and realizes that her Jeep is blocking the entrance. The horse cannot cross the gate. She presses her lips together.



    Colorado, mid morning: With folded arms and a smirk on her face, the cowgirl checks out the blonde as she stares at the gate in disbelief. She is gorgeous alright … slender and well-dressed. She has straight, mid length hair the color of the sun and a milky, soft skin that hasn’t seen the dryness of these mountains or the harshness of their weather. She is definitely foreign to the region, most likely another tourist renting one of the mansions in the area.  At almost the same height as the brunette, she now faces the cowgirl eye to eye, her chin held high, showing a stubborn streak that probably put her in this trouble in the first place. Not many women can get away with being this stubborn and still remain adorable. The blonde is an exception, muses the cowgirl.

    Blonde – I …

    She sighs and blushes with embarrassment. She closes her eyes. The brunette looks at her amused. The blonde looks even prettier when she blushes.

    Cowgirl – Exactly …

    She steps away toward her horse and grabs a cell phone from her pocket. The blonde kneels down again and continues to work on the tire but is still struggling with the last bolt. She mutters.

    Tina – Shit!

    Meanwhile, the brunette makes a phone call and waits for a second.

    Cowgirl – Jim? It’s me! Do you mind bringing some tools to the front gate? There is a Jeep with a flat tire blocking my way.

    She looks back at the blonde with a smirk.

    Cowgirl – The driver is struggling.

    The blonde rolls her eyes and mutters.

    Blonde – I’m not struggling!

    The brunette is still on the phone.

    Cowgirl – OK, thanks!

    She hangs up and turns to her horse. She gently caresses its face.

    Cowgirl – I promise you will get a few apples, Charlie. Just be patient …

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    1. Thanks for the chapter!

      So, Tina met Bette, and they annoy each other already. It’s a start:) But why Tina in the ranch? I guess we’ll know it in next chapters.

      Waiting for the next.

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