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    What If – Chapter 12

    Bette and Tinas House…..

    Tossing and turning seemed to be the routine the last few nights that kept her from finding sleep. She had never deprived her body from rest however, with so much weighing on her resting had been the furthest thing from her mind. So, when she finally settled into a deep sleep imagine the anger she felt when she was suddenly awaken from the rapid ringing of the doorbell. Rolling over with her hair covering her face she looked at the clock on the wall that read 7:15 a.m.

    Tina: [shaking her head from side to side] Oh, hell no.

    Donkey kicking the covers off her she angrily stood to her feet. Still half asleep she grabbed her robe put it on and like an extra on the Walking Dead she groggily makes her way towards the door. Dragging her feet as she turned the corner she miscalculated the space between the entrance table and wall slamming her pinky toe against the outward table leg.

    Tina: SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [she screams out in agony]

    It was almost like she pressed a button that played every curse word she knew! English, Spanish, French, hell even in that Charlie Brown “wamp-wamp” school teacher language she let the words fly from her mouth! The pain was so bad she forced herself to look down at her foot just to make sure her toe was still attached to her body! To make matters worse the doorbell continued to ring and if she didn’t know any better it sounded like the ringing got more aggressive.

    Tina: [through gritted teeth] OMG! WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Using the wall to balance herself she managed to shift her weight to her un-injured foot limping the rest of the way until she reached the door. Removing the security lock then turning the door knob she aggressively swung open the door.

    Tina: WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR——–. [she quickly pauses realizing she was yelling at thin air there was no one in sight, confused and knowing she wasn’t going crazy she takes a step out onto the porch and looks around]

    Down here. [a voice says]

    Tina: [looking down she scrunches her nose in disgust] Well…well…well if isn’t Franklin Dikshit.

    Franklin: [pushing his thick wide brim glasses back onto his face] Uh, that would be Franklin “Sponsible” Dikshit Jr. and a good morning to you too Tina.

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    1. Hi Skunk:

      Excellent story, very funny the little neighbor, and Bette and Tina fight, good they are going to patch up; funny what it’s happening on the TV, poor Dana, the time of taking decisions in arriving. Thanks so much for this wonderful chapter, please post soon.


    2. Fantastic update!

      The scene with Tina and that kid was really funny 😃

      Bette &Tina fighting is always sad, but it happens in every marriage and relationship. I am a little confused about something, Tina quit her job and is now able to move ahead with Bette to China. It doesn’t seems that she going with Bette, why?

      I am glad with Kit, she is able to talk sense in Bette.

      Alice, Tasha, Dana and Lara, what a mess. Especially Alice and Dana play with fire and will get burnt, Dana more than Alice i think.

      I hope that you will be able to update soon!

      Thank you

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