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    When Fate Meets Destiny—Chapter 3

    Chapter 3–Tina’s POV

    Continuation of Tina reminiscing from Chapter 1

    The next few weeks after that eventful introduction I didn’t have too much interaction with the goddess and her family next door.  I found out through conversation from my Mom that Bette was a civil engineer and moved here from Pennsylvania after accepting a job offer with a local engineering firm.  And her wife Melissa was an ER nurse and just started at San Francisco Memorial.  Maddie was in 1st grade at San Mateo Academy.  And I was busy with school and basketball as the season was just getting started and I would get home late in the evenings after practice.  Our first home game of my senior year was tonight and I was getting my uniform on when I heard my Mom’s voice.

    “Tina are you ready?…Your Dad is going to meet us there”

    “Yeah..I’m coming now” I yell pulling my hair back in a ponytail

    “Oh and I invited Bette, Melissa and Maddie to come with us”

    I froze for a second pulling my ponytail tight ..”Ok!”…..I guess I couldn’t avoid this forever.  My Mom and Bette have gotten close.  Melissa isn’t much for socializing from what I have seen which is odd because Bette is so outgoing and friendly.  I guess opposites do attract… But still.. my Mom and Bette have hit it off like they have known each other their whole lives. And it’s weird because my Mom wasn’t exactly jumping for joy when I came out to her.  My Dad was cool with it.  He just wanted whatever made me happy.  But Mom kind of struggled with it and she didn’t like Olivia.  Well.. She had reason to… But she never warmed up to the idea of me having a girlfriend so her being BFF’s with Bette is kind of mind blowing.

    I hear the doorbell which brought me out of my thoughts. I grab my gym bag throwing it over my shoulder and make my way to the living room

    “Hey Bette” my Mom greeted and looked down “And Maddie.  Come in”

    Maddie turns and sees me and immediately slams into me wrapping her small arms around my waist and squeezing me tight.  It totally surprised me

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    1. Thanks for the update chapter… more of the present with a little of the memories of years ago…

      I like this reuniting of friends… reestablishing the relationship which existed so many years ago. Despite their inner thoughts, they are both showing respect for the other. That shows a mature caring for the other. And that is a good thing.

      Look forward to more….

    2. Loved this chapter and I love that we know both characters thoughts not just a one sided story…
      Baby steps is the way.
      Bette needs to know who she is now that she is soon to be single and get to know Tina now as an adult and her equal not her best friends kid.
      I love the journey.

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