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    Why Are You Here?

    Bette:  She needs you in her life. She loves you, Tina.

    Tina: Yeah, I need her too. I am just now seeing how much I need her in my life.

    Bette:  Well, let me know and I have a car meet you.

    Tina: Bette, I really need to rent a car so I can do some errands. So, I will rent a SUV instead.

    Bette:  Yeah, you will need a vehicle. We both will need a vehicle.

    They finish their breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen. Bette called the cabin manager and told him they were leaving and that there was still a lot of food in the fridge and asked that they give it to someone who needed it.

    The car arrived at 8:00 am. On the way, they teased each other about the look on their faces when they arrived at the cabin on Friday evening.

    Bette: Tina you looked like you were looking at a ghost.

    Tina:  Well, your look was not exactly welcoming either. You seemed to be just as shocked as I felt.

    Bette:  I know this was not the most fun you have ever had on a weekend. But however this happened, I’m glad it did.

    Tina:  Yeah, let’s just see where this takes us. I’ll call you to let you know I made it home safely.

    Bette:  I’ll call you as well. I’ll be home around 4:00 pm Pacific Coast Time. That will be what 7:00 pm East Coast Time. That won’t be too late, will it?

    Tina:  No, I should be home about then.

    They arrived at the airport. They both went to the customer service desk to get their tickets. Bette needed to go to the International Travel desk. After they went to the security area for the domestic flights.

    Bette:  Well, Tina. This is good bye until we see each other again. You have a pleasant flight.

    Tina: Oh Bette, thank you for this weekend. I will call you soon, I promise. You have a good flight home and kiss Angie for me.

    Bette:  Oh, I will. I guess, I have to tell her that I was with you all weekend…

    Tina:  Yes, and I need to have a conversation with Helena…I think she did us a favor. I now understand some of what the effect of my actions have caused. I have been made aware that Angie will not be a child very much longer.  And I am aware of you and what our relationship is and what it is not. None of which I would be aware of without our conversations. Now, what I really need to do is to put my life in order and determine who I am and who I am going to be.

    Bette:  I need to get to the international gates. Goodbye Tina. I do love you, you know.

    Tina:  Yeah, I know.  And I love you too.

    They both turned simultaneously and walked in the direction of their security check points and their gates. They were homeward bound after their weekend at the cabin.


    The End.


    Postscript: This story is meant to be an opening salvo as to Bette and Tina’s future.  For me, there is no way that a single event or conversation would ever completely resolve whatever issues they had which brought them to a divorce.  Resolution of those issues would take time, understanding and a willingness from both of them to make that happen. My intent was to leave Bette and Tina without a clearly defined goal of what their future relationship would be. At this point, I do not know what either Bette or Tina wants for their own future. They do love each other, for that there is no doubt. But the path toward friendship or something more is going to involve a little more than just a sudden decision by either of them or a declaration of desire. There are a lot of moving pieces in their lives which will need to be stilled before they can move on to be the people they want to be. And whether their futures include the other is yet to be determined. Thanks for reading.


    1. It is a challenging task to take on the Generation Q nonsensical plot line, especially Bette and Tina ever having gotten divorced. You have written an interesting “moment in time” offering the readers one possibility of what happened. I would imagine from your description that the cabin is a small claustrophobic place and Bette and Tina are both nervous and somewhat kinetic in the way they interact with one another and move about. Neither able to relax. Trying to respect each other and each other’s space. Watching the clock. Watching the snow. With nowhere to go. Also, it is next to impossible to make sense of the Tina that Marja gave us. No one recognizes her. I think you have given it a very good shot. I also appreciate the way you wrote Bette struggling with her emotions and all of the hurt. Tina is a mystery. Why would she ask Bette if she loves her? Bette’s reply is spot on. She loves Tina but no longer knows her. She loves her because she is Angie’s biological mother. She was able to remain respectful to Tina but also get to the heart of the matter: Why did you leave me? Why did you leave Angie? That’s tough stuff. It would have been much easier to write a story that pretended away the fiasco that was Gen Q. You took it on. Well done, Martha.

    2. Billy,

      Thank you for reading and commenting. Gen Q, for me, simply decided Bette and Tina were divorced and never fleshed out why that happened. IMO, the writers never believed that they would need this backstory when they put it into the script. But for a couple as iconic as Bette and Tina, they should have known that sooner or later, they might have to reveal that backstory. But in true Gen Q fashion, it never was addressed.

      So when Laurel returned for Season 1, the writers have Tina give an explanation to Angie that she needed to find herself. And then another explanation to Bette which said that Bette simply overshowed her very existence. Neither explanation rang true for me. And I accepted Bette’s declaration to Shane under the influence of marijuana, that she did not know why Tina left and that Tina had never offered an explanation. So when they brought in Carrie, I was even more confused as to why Tina left and who Tina Kennard was. And despite some of the fan’s responses of adoration for Carrie, that relationship simply did not reflect the Tina Kennard I so adore and love. And then in Season 3, where we get our reunion and wedding which I desperately wanted, but the path seemed more like a fairey tale than anything which could be close to reality or reasonable. The conflicts were between Bette and Tina seemed artificial and were put aside with a few soft words. Determining what the conflicts were required the most vivid of imaginations and the ability to take the darkest moments of their past and project it to their present. Bette and Tina have a long and rocky history. But the Bette and Tina I know would never dig into that bag of history and use their bad behavior as a club to justify current behavior. I feel this is particularly true for those issues which they had analyzed, apologized and forgiven the other for. Whatever the reason for Bette and Tina’s divorce, it had to be something new or something we are completely unaware of. And I do not completely explain why the separation and divorce happen, I at least ask the question. And I still believe that question can only be answered by Tina.

      I am glad you mentioned the cabin. Its a place designed for no more than 4 people as a temporary getaway. I imagine the dinning table has 4 chairs in a standard square shape. The kitchen is a galley style kitchen in which it starts to get crowded with a second person. I imagine that the main purpose is to provide housing for skiers visiting the area during the winter and hikers during the summer.

      Addressing this aspect of the Gen Q story is not easy. I think that getting into Tina’s mind and understanding her motivations, her thought processes, and the environment surrounding her when she made her choices is a difficult place to go. For me, the things which might explain this seem so unfathomable that I cannot make my mind go there. Things such as cheating, falling out of love, mental illness or shear boredom with the relationship simply cannot be possible in my world for these two. And they are far too intelligent to allow a misunderstanding to keep them apart. Bette and Tina have been through too much and have weathered too many storms to believe they would ever purposely pursue a path that would destroy their relationship. I also believe that it is simply not possible for the two of them to make any decision in which they did not consider the impact of such on the other. They simply love each other too much for that. So the bottom line is that we the writers are left to try to explain the unexplainable….

      My thanks for your continued support….

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