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    Worth Holding On Too!

    So I don’t know if there would be any interest in me continuing this.

    I stopped writing as I was in a really bad place, My ex fiancée walked out on me when I was at work for someone else 9 months before our wedding. It’s took me a fair bit of time to pull myself together and actually move forward, I’ve spent time trying to keep my head afloat in order to complete the last year of my social work degree and find myself again.

    So yeah if you would like me to continue just let me know.





    1. Hi Katrina,

      What sad to read about your past year, it is horrible what your ex-fiancee did.

      I hope that you will have a better year than the last months.

      I would love it if you will continue with the story.

      Take care of yourself!

      Sincerly bibi28

    2. Hi Katrina:

      I’m very sorry for what you had to deal with those last months; indeed 2017 hasn’t been a good year for many of us, but especially for you it has been bad.

      May you please keep writing this wonderful story.

      I’m eager to read your new chapter.

      Thank you and take care.


    3. So sorry to hear how life is treating you. I hope life gets better soon.

      Please continue this great story, it could be good therapy for you and will be a delight for us readers!

      Thanks for your previous posts and take care of yourself.


    4. Katrina,
      I am so sorry to learn about your plight. Hope that you can get over the ass hole ex- fiancee of yours and live your life to the fullest. I am sure you will find someone ten times better. Please don’t stop writing. Looking forward for your updates.

    5. By all means please continue with the story, it is a great one really enjoyed reading it. So sorry that you have had such great difficulties this last year. Keep your head high and doing well, things will turn around for you. thanks for letting us know you want to continue. Good to know you are completing your degree, very, very, important to complete that. Congrats!!!.

    6. Sorry that life has been a B**. Glad to hear that you are still afloat and working on your degree. Just keep swimming! Yes! I would love to continue to read your story and see where you take us. It has always been one of my favorites.


    7. Hello katrina!

      I’m so sorry to read what you’ve been through, i hope you find the strength in you to move forward soon. Please know that reading and rereading your story has helped me over come the problems i too have been thru lately.

      I used to come in everyday waiting and hoping for a new chapter to be around, i found out i needed emergency surgery and even in the hospital i checked and waited. There was a moment when i felt a bit of fear because you weren’t around for so long but i’m glad to know that you are now. If you would like to continue i would be happy to keep following you on this journey.

      May you be in the best health. I love your story and even if you decide to not keep going i thank you for what you have already given us all.

      Please remember, strength and faith above all. I hope to hear from you soon.

      Fran. Xxx

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