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    Worth Holding On Too Chapter 127

    “So is she okay? Is the baby okay?” Mason asked leaning against the counter taking a bite out of his apple

    “Yeah sweetheart both are fine, I’m sure you have something for me, I know you were issued them today” Bette smirked

    “What? No idea what you’re talking about” Mason smirked

    Tian looked from Bette to Mason

    “Mason I’m the principle of the school, shall we try that again?” Bette smiled

    Mason leaned of the counter leaving the kitchen and returning with an envelope in his hands.

    “Ok so let me just think what one of you are likely to go easier on me” Mason smirked looking between Bette and Tina

    “Oh I get it now, report card” Tina laughed taking the envelope from Mason “Thank you…You are aware we both read this and discuss it together yes?”

    “Precisely” Mason said taking another bite from his apple “Just remember you have enough to worry about than what some people write about me on paper”

    “You’re not selling yourself here Mas” Bette sat at the table

    “It’s a month till Christmas and my birthday is next week so I’m dreading the outcome” Mason admitted “To be fair I have tried really hard this year, you promised I could get driving lessons if I did well so I have a lot riding on this”

    “How’s your exam prep going?” Bette asked

    Tina was 3 pages into the report blanking out the conversation between Bette and Mason.

    “Okay I think” Mason sighed “I’ve not been in it this week due to what’s been going on, I’ve been preoccupied”

    “We all have so that’s okay” Bette smiled “Are you going to go see her?”

    “No me and Jess sort of have this thing where we don’t visit each other in hospital, I’ll see her when she gets home, I’ve been texting her since she woke up though” Mason admitted

    “She only woke up yesterday Mason” Bette smiled

    “I know and I text her the minute I was told and I went with Jace to drop her phone of to her” Mason stated “We also dropped by the studio because they’re all hitting the roof with worry”

    Mason took out his phone quickly checking a few things.

    “Oh my god!” Mason smiled

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