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    Worth Holding On Too Chapter 113

    “Babe have you seen Jess I can’t seem to get in contact with her, I rang the studio she’s not there, Carmen’s at work so she’s not with her and her phone is just going to voicemail.” Bette explained


    “She was with Lisa this morning they were away shopping for new clothes for Liam and to get Mason a birthday present”


    Lisa walked into the kitchen holding Liam’s hand who was slowly walking beside her.


    “who’s a clever boy then!” Tina smiled at her grandson


    “What’s up?”


    “I was wondering where your sister is, she was supposed to help me with something and she’s nowhere to be seen”


    “She’s asleep in her room, did you even look there?” Lisa smirked


    “No” Bette admitted causing Tina to laugh


    “She didn’t sleep very well last night she has an ear infection so the doctor gave her antibiotics and pain killers this morning which pretty much knocked her out, so she won’t be in any state to help anyone” Lisa explained


    “I didn’t know she had a sore ear”


    “Neither did she till this morning, but it’s all red and apparently pus filled”


    “That’s disgusting” Tina scrunched her face


    “Not good” Bette sighed


    “What she helping you with? Can I help?”


    “My MacBook is playing up and I don’t know how to fix it, I can’t get any work done because of it” Bette explained


    “You do know it’s Carmen who fixes Jess’s she’s the one with half a clue” Lisa laughed


    “What time does she finish?”


    “She should be home any minute, anyway Liam and I are going swimming aren’t we?” Lisa smiled lifting her son “Let’s go see what daddy is doing first and see if he wants to come in the pool with us”



    “Carmen this is an opportunity of a lifetime; this can get you to where you want to be”

    “I understand that captain but my wife wont, She’s my world and pretty much all that matters to me”


    “You have worked so hard in this division don’t pass up on this opportunity let me help you climb the ladder”


    “Sam I can’t you’re asking me to walk out on my wife, Jess isn’t the most understanding you know”

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