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    Worth Holding On Too Chapter 114

    “Andrew it’s Jess”
    “I know, your name came across the screen” Andrew laughed
    “By any chance have you seen my wife? She forgot to come home last night and her phone is switched off”
    “She left me at 5pm last night to come home so no I’ve not” Andrew admitted “Have you tried the station?”
    “Nope, I’m heading there now” Jess stated
    “Okay I’m here so I’ll see you when you get here” Andrew said hanging up the phone
    He sat down at his desk and looked over at Declan
    “You seen Carmen?”
    “Not since yesterday, she’s off today though” Declan explained
    “That’s weird, Jess said she didn’t come home last night and her phone is off, that’s not like her” Andrew said lifting his phone again “Let me just text Kenzie”
    20 minutes later Jess and Lisa walked into the station
    Andrew recognised the voice and got up leaving his desk walking out to front reception.
    “Jess hey” Andrew said hugging her and then hugging Lisa “No-one’s seen her”
    “Okay then where the fuck is she then, her phone is never off, and she just wouldn’t not come home” Jess said starting to get anxious
    “Is Sam in his office?” Andrew asked
    The officer at the desk nodded
    “Jess give me five minutes okay, I’ll be back have a seat”
    Andrew walked though the back office and up the stairs towards his captains office.
    He knocked on the door walking in after getting a response.
    “Sorry to bother you Sam, Jess is down stairs, Carmen’s wife. Apparently Carmen didn’t come home last night and her phone is off, I was just going to trace her beeper if that was okay and perhaps check her locker, her car is in the carpark which is weird” Andrew said
    “That won’t be necessary, Carmen is safe no-one needs to worry”
    “With all due respect, how do you know this and what am I supposed to tell her wife who was expecting her home last night?” Andrew said
    “I’ll come down and speak to Jess” Sam got up and left his office Andrew following him
    Jess got up the minute she seen him, bile started to form in her mouth.
    “Jess sorry to keep you waiting, I understand you have concerns about Carmen, well you don’t need to she is safe”
    “Then where the hell is she?” Jess said losing patience
    “Carmen had decided to go undercover with a co-worker, the mission is top secret and confidentiality is mandatory” Sam explained
    “Why didn’t she tell me this?” Jess asked
    “She was forbidden to do so; I can assure you she is safe though”
    “Can I speak to her?” Jess asked
    “No that’s not possible”
    “Wow hold on a minute here, I’m well aware of confidentiality when you go undercover but this is Carmen’s wife!” Andrew said defending Jess “Why was none of us informed”
    “The two officers who went were hand selected” Sam explained “I’m sorry but I must get on, Jess try not to worry”
    Sam walked back into the office leaving Andrew, Jess and Lisa flabbergasted.
    “Try not to worry is he for fucking real!” Jess snapped
    “Look I’ll find out as much as I can, I’ll come over after work” Andrew said “There has to be a pretty good explanation for this.”

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    1. Looks like JESS is in for more turmoil,a undercover wife who can’t contact you,doesn’t tell you she was doing it in the first place and now you sit and wonder whats next?Going to be a treat to read how this plays out.THANKS,ps.

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