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    Worth Holding On Too Chapter 116

    Well I didn’t expect that” Tina admitted sliding into her bed beside Bette

    “You and me both” Bette sighed “I’m worried about her”

    “She’s being relatively calm and that’s not like her” Tina stated

    “Yeah…usually she’s very vocal” Bette faced Tina “She just looks empty and broken, I can’t believe she didn’t even look at the scan”

    “She want’s Carmen and she can’t have her right now” Tina stated “Let’s be honest here, this is the first Carmen has ever done something for herself, she always puts everyone else first, I can’t be angry at her for that”

    “Yeah you seen the video, she loves Jess and she’s coming home to her, somehow I don’t think Jess will be so accepting though”

    “I know” Tina yawned

    “Let’s get some sleep baby, it’s been a long day” Bette lowered herself down on her pillow opening her arms to allow Tina to crawl in


    Jess lay on her bed just looking at the ceiling. Lisa knocked on the door with Jace behind her.

    “Want some company” Jace asked

    “Not really” Jess said

    Lisa and Jace could see the visible tears

    “Tough, we love you and want to give you company” Jace said moving past Lisa into Jess and Carmen’s bedroom lying next to his best friend

    Lisa lay at the other side

    “I miss her so much” Jess wiped her eyes

    “I know you do babe but it will be okay” Jace opened his arms and pulled Jess into them hugging her tight

    Lisa rubbed her sisters back as she sobbed into Jace’s chest; she looked at her husband heartbroken for her sister.


    Carmen walked into the cabin with Kenzie behind her, both their faces scrunched taking in their surroundings. Used condoms lying on the floor and on the furniture, old tatty mattresses and cameras set up.

    “Girls as young as 7?” Carmen asked her blood boiling

    “Yes, taken from their countries and forced to perform these hideous acts” The superior explained

    “Get us everything you have so far, we need an office and a car” Carmen said leaving the cabin followed by Kenzie

    “I think I’m going to be sick” Kenzie said rushing past Carmen to a near bush

    “We would like to thank you for your service; I know this must be very hard for you”

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    1. So Carmen and Kenzie are under cover for a sex trafficking ring-my god I hate that so much. At least Jess is not alone and yeah I think Jace was in heaven with the twins. Mason was actually sweet volunteering to look after Liam. Love this family.

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