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    Worth Holding On Too Chapter 117

    2 months passed…

    “Andrew…Andrew I need help quickly!” Declan said running into the main office

    “What where?” Andrew lifted his keys following Declan into the back car park where Jess was attacking Carmen’s car with a baseball bat

    “Stay here!” Andrew instructed Declan

    “Front desk are signalling for back up!” Declan stated

    “Stop them; tell them I’ll sort it” Andrew said walking towards Jess

    “Babe what you doing”

    “Getting some frustration out” Jess answered continuing to destruct the car

    “We have some punching bags, I’d be happy to show you how to use them” Andrew said

    “No no this is fine thanks” Jess stated

    Andrew walked back to the door where Declan and 5 other cops were standing all looking confused

    “This is Carmen’s wife, she’s a little pissed off so were just going to leave her for 5 minutes” Andrew stated


    “LEAVE HER!” Andrew glared daring someone to ignore his instructions

    “Carmen’s not going to be impressed” Alan stated

    “Neither’s her wife at her sudden departure” Declan snapped

    Andrew folded his arms watching Jess unleash her fury in the car.

    She eventually dropped the bat letting herself fall with it out of sheer exhaustion

    Andrew slowly walked over

    “Feel better?”

    “Nope” Jess sighed

    Sam watched from the upstairs window shaking his head.

    Andrew held his hand out to pull Jess up; Jess accepted his hand allowing him to gently pull her up.

    “What’s hers is mine right?” Jess said looking at Andrew

    “Not sure this counts considering you don’t have a licence but well go with it” Andrew smirked

    “I have a ring on my finger and licence of marriage proving it” Jess replied causing Andrew to laugh

    “When do you finish?” Jess asked

    Andrew looked at his watch “Now and I’m starving, you must be to after the appetite you just worked up”



    “Carmen we have a lead let’s go” Kenzie said rushing to the car

    “Fill me in” Carmen said jumping in radioing through to the other teams following them

    “The leader of the organisation is 32 male Eastern European , 6 foot 2, medium build, carries a pistol on his right side, he has two body guards approximately same height a bigger build both carrying guns”

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    1. Oh, that sucks, Carmen thought she could finally Go home after the catch and now she had to stay longer , but it is a very good cause she is working on .

      And Jess , phew i am glad it isn’t my car .

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