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    You Found Me Chapter 190

    Monday, Alice was on a phone interview with Wanda tying up some loose ends for the magazine’s article. Tina had left her mom and Jamie at the Planet for lunch while she ran to the job to sign off on some work that Sasha had done in her absence. She didn’t tell Bette she was coming by today because she didn’t get the call from Peggy until after Bette had left that morning.  Tina went to check the status of the interview after talking with Peggy then Sasha.

    And how long have you been with the Chicago Museum? Alice asks.

    Four years, the voice comes through on the speakerphone in Alice’s office.

    And where were you before that?

    New York. I was the assistant curator at the museum of art for three years. The curator at the time was not leaving any time soon so my boss found this position through some colleagues of his. And the rest is history. As she was talking, Tina knocked and walked in. Alice had put her finger up letting her know she was on the speakerphone and she would be right with her. Tina stood silent.

    Ok Wanda…I think that was all I needed. Bette has given me everything else so I can get started writing this piece up. I will email you a copy to read over before we print.

    Ok thank you…Oh and Alice could you tell Bette something for me?

    Alice looks over at Tina who has become all ears and curious about what she had to say seeing how Bette had not said much.

    Sure, I could do that. Alice being noisy wanted to hear herself what Wanda could possibly want to say to Bette without contacting her directly.

    Tell her I am sorry again for my behavior but I’m happy I gave her what she wanted. Alice couldn’t see it but Wanda was smiling knowing how that might have sounded but she didn’t really care. It was all innocent but only Bette would know.

    Alice could see the look on Tina’s face and quickly hung up before Tina could let her presents be known to Wanda. Ok Wanda you take care click…

    Now Tina…

    Tina puts her hand up. No Alice, I’m fine. Tina bites her bottom lip going over Wanda’s words again in her head. But Tina calms herself by remembering past experiences with Bette where things were not all as they appeared to be at first. She needed to step back and let Bette explain before she jumped too far. Tina has to show Bette she loves and trusts her. I will relay the message Alice. Don’t worry I trust Bette.

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    1. Hi BnTinmyhead
      Wow, very hot, excellent chapter, I loved reading it, but as I pointed before, Bette should make her list of exes; it is so cute and tender see how the trust has grown between them and they react with enough maturity to preserve and increase the love they have. Today I feel lucky; three of my favorite writers have posted, Thank you so much for this story I will be waiting for the update pps.


      • Lol..Well first I feel privileged to be among one of your favorites proteonomics thank you and glad you liked…I was make Bette not such a perfect mate.. as we all know we all have faults and fears and wrong steps and seems like Tina was getting all the bad and Bette was an which we all know she isn’t she is trying very hard with Tina and this relationship but have to have her stay human.. And I wanted to show Tina has issue with her temper and quick to accuse but is learning how to see through all the bullshit and trust Bette for who she is was and she has become. thanks for the comment. I will post soon. sorry they are so scattered..

        • BnT, yes, I really mean it; as a matter of fact you were the first writer I wanted to read when I visited LesFan for the first time one year ago; I also think that Bette and Tina they both characters have their flaws and virtues, as we have, and I like very much the way you portray them in this story.


    2. Nice save TINA. BETTE needs to stop the witholding of information unless she wants TINA to start keeping her desserts all to herself as that would be downright shameful knowing how she enjoys lick,lick,licking TINA’s bowl..Please keep WANDA out of town.THANKS,ps.

    3. “Fuck that was good” , that is the only way to describe this chapter!

      Glad to see that they both are learning to be open and honest. It will be the only way to handle Bette’s past.

      Thanks for the fantastic update!

    4. Tina is learning to TRUST Bette more and not fall for okie-doke that other women took her through earlier in the story! Bette has a past and attractive and she knows it women are going to try to hook up with her. Bette should have told her about the incident, but I can understand her reason for wanting to wait.

      Bette was so relived that Tina understood, it has taken them a lot to get to this level of trust.

      Making up and their sexy time was smoking hot! Hell I’m with Tina “Fuck that was so good”!!!!

      The wedding in coming and I am so excited.
      Thank you for the update.

    5. And while Tina’s temper wanted to appear, it can maintain control,
      already showing a clear sign Bette confidence.
      The mature relationship in my opinion, have to have mutual love within the limits of each – individuality, trust, friendship, affection and honesty that must exist between the couple not to arouse jealousy or doubt about what they want.
      And they are heading for this mature relationship.
      the whole universe.

      (Note: Wonderful NC 17 sad that it was only a page … lol)

    6. I feel about this chapter, what was Tina last comment. I knew Wanda would not be any real problem. K.W. will be trouble, thanks to James, it seems, running his mouth and giving her Bette’s business card and e-mail.

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