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    You Found Me Chapter 191

    Tina’s mom and Jamie go home after getting everything Tina wanted to get done while they were there. Kelly emailed several times over the last few weeks asking Bette little questions about jobs or if an area would be a good place to live. She didn’t tell Tina but in the last one Kelly sent she told Bette she moved there because she wanted her back. Bette never emailed her back, stopped opening any more of her emails, and sent them to spam where she wouldn’t have to see them at all. As the weeks went by Bette never felt the need to tell Tina especially with what just happened over Wanda. That was enough drama and Bette soon forgets about Kelly. Her mind was on Tina and the wedding.

    Bette had put her practice with Kit and Carmen on the special wedding gift for Tina on hold while Tina’s mom was in town, but she resumed as soon as they had gone home. She would leave work early then come back to pick Tina up sometimes being a little late. She would meet with them sometimes on Sundays telling Tina she was going to take the dogs for a run while Tina made her calls to her mom and sister. Bette hated doing this but she wanted to keep her gift a secret.

    Tina was not buying it. She noticed Bette hummimg sometimes, and when she was conscious of Tina she would stop and clear her throat. Bette leaving work then coming back was suspicious too. When she would ask Bette about it Bette would say Kit needed to talk or her mom wanted her to come over. Then the whole walking the dogs and going for a run thing…Bette was not always sweaty when she came back. Bette had turned into a terrible liar, which Tina was glad of. She knew Bette wasn’t cheating on her but she was doing something and it was driving her crazy in her thoughts.

    She even tried getting it out of Sam. She sat on the floor petting him. Look at me…Where is your mommy taking you when you go on your walks? He wags his tail and smiles breathing into her face. Come on you can tell me…I won’t tell her you told…promise…scouts honor. Tina holds up two fingers. He barks. Really, is that all you have to say? Well you’re loyal. I’ll give you that. He hands her his paw and she shakes it. Thanks for nothing. She gets up and washes her hands then heads to work alone. Bette had left early again.

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    1. BETTE should know that hiding anything from TINA has a way of coming out and those e-mails will surely surface. KIT telling TINA to trust that BETTE is good and her heart is in the right place saved the situation from going ballistic.MICHAEL is a funny guy but now that Bette knows he enjoys her sloppy seconds she will keep TINA out of his clutches and i hope that since the door to her past is wide open she will tell TINA about KELLY and her wanting her back plus she is planning on moving to LA. Thanks ,ps.

    2. Why do I have a feeling that those emails will come back to haunt Bette. Nice that Tina has trust in her, because it will be tested. Michael is a hoot. Amazing house description. And I agree with Tina’s assessment about the buying of the house by a black man back then. Love this story.

    3. Very nice chapter, but Bette doesn’t learn; she is tempting the devil; Kelly may come and outsmart her, telling Tina many lies about them; I hope Bette will start spitting it all her hidden secrets.


    4. Oh Bette, will she ever learn that she needs to tell Tina important things like Kelly wanting her back. This will surely come out and Tina trust her, but she will be mad and hurt.

      I hope that you got over your cold, it can linger longer than you want.

      Thanks for the update!

    5. Glad your colds better, assuming it is :-)

      Thanks for this, light and funny, but I have a feeling it’s the calm before the Kelly storm!

      By the way, must be over 50 years since I was ‘a girl’ but thanks!

      PPS as they say

    6. Come on BnT no drama you know we all do not like Kelly, so please have Bette come clean about the emails.

      Thank you for the 9 pages, but of course you know I want more, I can never get enough of this story.

      I hope you feel better.

      Thank you

    7. This time I’m well updated.
      Excellent chapter, and the description that you did
      Bette house gave imagine imponencia
      the house, and very sad to know that this house
      bring only sad memories. More Bette and Tina can
      certainly turn this into a real home, changing
      thus this sad history that this house has.
      And Kelly? this woman is playing with thing would be, and that
      The entire universe.

      It’s gonna come back to bite you in da azz…tell her now! :)

      I like Michael and his all his info on Bette college days! They have some cute interactions!

      Glad you feeling better, those colds are terrible. Thx for the update.

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