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    You Found Me Chapter 192

    The following week the pool was finally finished.  Bette and Tina invited everyone over to enjoy and give everyone a chance to get to know Alice and Dana’s new love interests.

    Mmmmm Bette we need to be getting ready. They will all be here any minute. Bette sucks on Tina’s collarbone…or we could have a quickie…mmmmm fuck. Bette slams Tina onto the bed latching onto one of her nipples…Oh MY GOD…Bette’s hands were roaming all over Tina’s body.  Bette moves her hand down between Tina’s legs. Tina opens up for her as Bette dips her fingers into Tina quickly…OoOOHhh Fuck yes…harder baby…Tina whispers…digging her nails in Bette’s back…They were so enthralled that they didn’t hear the doorbell.

    Hello!…Kit walks in with her hands full with groceries and takes them to the kitchen. Kit sees in the fridge and on the counter that Bette and Tina had a few things made already. She was busy talking to the dogs as she was unloading her groceries when the doorbell rang.

    Where are your moms?  She walks to answer the impatient person…This has to be Alice…she says to herself…Jesus Alice one time is sufficient!

    Sorry Kit. Where are Bette and Tina? She says as she walks in with Tasha who is carrying a case of beer and some wine.

    I don’t know. I just got here myself. They start making their way back to the kitchen but before they do all three stop after hearing what one might think was a church function going on in the bedroom… all they heard was Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! And a war whoop followed by Jesus!  Alice’s mouth watered having always dreamed of hearing Bette engrossed in the middle of sex…Bette never shared any details so Alice could not help herself…Close your mouth Alice…Kit says.

    She does and then looks to Tasha. That would be Bette and Tina pointing to the bedroom.

    I gathered that but thank you for telling me. They clear their throats and head to the kitchen when the doorbell rings again. Alice goes to answer it while the other two ladies proceed to the kitchen.

    Fuck!…someone’s already here…I told you we wouldn’t have enough time…Tina say hurrying out of bed.

    What are you talking about? We’re done. Bette smiles at her.. And Tina throws Bette’s jeans hitting her in the face giggling Bette grabs the jeans and laughs

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    1. Oh my goodness BnT you come up with some crazy ass scenarios that just makes me shake my head and smile.

      As always I think you are the best!

      Please no longer the two weeks in between chapters.

    2. Hello my friend !
      I remember my first time, it was a trip to heaven .
      In my first time, my heart beats above normal, my body pours drops of sweat and tremem.Embora legs were shaking badly, due to nervousness my performance was about average … I will not give details because it is something very special, but I remember we were in the room … lol
      After passing through the first sex ritual, things become easier because begin to learn new techniques over time.
      Anyway, the first time we never forget, and occasionally
      we relive … lol
      Fantastic chapter!
      the whole universe.

    3. I just love your writing style, you come up with the cutest stories! Oh yeah…the First Taste of the Goody Good — sweet nectar!!! (hahaha)

      Bette and Tina trying to get ONE MO in before their guest arrive too funny. And they ALL got a ear full.

      Tasha and her best friends mother….WOW!

      Tina story was the one of those drop the mike on them…so sensual!

      Thx for the update! Looking forward to next one and of course the wedding.

    4. Goody Good — sweet nectar!!! LMAO Yes indeed! Thank you for reading glad you liked lol…Yes my head is full of crap and it spills out in my story.

      Some times it just appears as I’m writing. I have went back and read some of my older chapter and scratch my

      I still don’t think Tina understands what the big deal was lol..

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