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    You Found Me Final Chapter 204

    Bette and Tina managed to make it to the airport on time and were waiting to board their plane. Both were exhausted from the night and early morning lovemaking since Tina assured Bette there would be time for resting later. Tina had not forgotten that Bette was still keeping a secret from her…Where the hell were they going?

    Bette liked watching Tina get all flustered, which made holding out on her all the more sweet.  Can’t you see we’re going to Atlanta?  She pointed to the flight board at their flight number.

    Stop it!  You’re being mean. Tina crosses her arms across her chest and pouts. We’re not just going to Atlanta. And you know it!

    Bette was watching Tina’s face. She knew Tina would not be able to take much more but she could not help herself…Yeah I thought it would be a great place for a honeymoon. The Aquarium alone sounds exciting.

    Bette tries to hold back a smile and look serious. Tina sees it and loses it. She jumps up and stands in front of Bette’s chair placing both hand on the arms, leaning down to Bette’s face. You are such a lie! Tell me where the!…she lowers her voice to a whisper…where the fuck we are going or I am not getting on this plane.

    Bette shifts her eyes around, noticing a few people were watching. She looks back into Tina’s tired eyes with a smile on her face. Ok. Ok. Sit down. People are staring.

    Do I look like I give…Bette placed two fingers on Tina’s lips to stop her from saying something worse after all they still had to fly with these people for three and a half hours.

    Sshhh. Bette bites her bottom lip. You’re so cute. Please sit.

    Tina smirks knowing she cracked Bette. Ok but only because you asked nicely. Bette kept her eyes on Tina who then smiles and raises one eyebrow. Well! Tina says looking at Bette annoyed. Bette giggles and leans over to reach into her carry-on and pulls out some brochures and a copy of their reservation.,-60.890056,10z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x8c6aa0f90066070d:0xe1001b1217afe7b0!8m2!3d14.641528!4d-61.024174

    Martinique! Tina squeals. We’re going to Martinique? Now looking at Bette with loving eyes.

    Bette laughs thinking Tina looks so cute when she lights up with all her excitement.

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    1. Yes, finally, i have been waiting a long time for this chapter!!! Unfortunately I have to wait until I have time to read it, this woman needs her beauty sleep! I hope that i am able to read it tomorrow night after work. But i am very happy and looking forward to read it! Thanks BnTinmyhead!

    2. Lookie lookie!
      Final chapter? Are you sure?
      I love this story and I’m glad you successfully brought it to an end.
      I’ll miss this Bette and Tina very much, but I know I’ll always find them here.
      This chapter perfectly sums up your story entirely: sweet, thoughtful, hot, funny and moving. Thanks for this happy ending: they are needed!
      I’m looking forward to your epilogue!

      • Bee Charmer!.. and yeah I think it’s a final for now. need something new to work on.Not sure successfully ended it but more like eventually ended It has taken me way longer than I had intended. Yes you can find them here but you also know where else to find them :) because you know they are both inside of me..Scary I know…

        Thank you BeeCharmer for all your kind words and most of all for taking the time to read it (more than once) and yes Epilogue has hit the editing stage. so soon ok. Thank you my friend

    3. I can’t believe it that after so many years and chapters this story has ended ????

      It was quite a journey you took us and the girls and what a perfect sweet and hot end!

      Glad to read you have a epilogue for us and i hope you will post it soon.

      I know you have a very busy life and that’s why i am very glad and grateful you finished this story!

      So thank you my friend ????

      • Oh thank you Bibi28 so much for following the girls on their journey in my head lol.. and finally to it’s end. Very happy I could finish it too.thank you for your nice words. it very much appreciated and strokes the ego.. lol thank you my friend.

    4. Thank you so much for this slow burn of a story. You gave it to us just like Bette loves giving it to Tina in your story.
      You had me shaking my head and smiling so much, it was totally worth the wait.
      Such a fun story.

      • bubcris1 Thank you .Thank you. I read all you comments in the last few days as you were getting caught up..Lol and this one cracks me up.. “You gave it to us just like Bette loves giving it to Tina in your story.” lol..I take it the Nc-17’s was good for you. I’m glad..I am so glad it has put a smile on your face. when my wife edits I hear her laugh or giggle and I’m like what where you at. I like knowing it’s entertaining I would hate to be a and especially the girls.. I love them lively and hot n bothered :) lol again thank you.

    5. I had not been around to follow your story, but let me just say congrats for 204 chapters – such a hard feat to accomplish! Not to mention that some NC-17 chapters I know are PG compared to yours! :D

      • dbff Thank you for taking the time to comment I know you are quiet busy yourself with your own story. and yes very hard to keep going when life is always there to slow you down. comments and friends from this site does keep you going.. Everyone here is like a second family because they know how hard it is to live your life out loud,, in hiding,, in denial or just plain scared of their own feelings. I love this site and others like it.. I hope my story has helped some one even if it was just a good laugh or and good orgasm! lol.. What ever it does to you.. I enjoyed writing it… So thank you and others who have followed to the end.

      • Pikiangelica, I ‘m sorry.. and I’m not sure i will come back to it just yet I need a break from it. Might post something new.. but it will not be this but I thank you for folliowing along. And commenting.. you just dont know how much it helps to keep it going..

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