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    You Found me Epilogue

    Bette was pacing back and forth.

    She’s going to be ok Bette. Kit tells her.

    You don’t know that Kit! Bette voice cracks. You didn’t see her face. Bette says looking as scared as she felt. This is her first time and she’s been through a lot already.  Bette sighs and blows out a deep breath. What’s taking this so long?  Bette was hugging herself to smooth her nerves.

    Oh sweetie. Kit rubs her back. It took a while to get you guys to this point. What’s a few more minutes?

    I know. Bette turns to the window.

    I’m going to get some coffee. You want some?

    Bette shakes her head. No, I’m fine. They may come for me anytime.

    Ok. I’ll be right back. Bette nods as she stares out the window again.

    It took you guys a while to get here. Those words rung in Bette’s ears as her mind wandered back in time.

    It had been six month since the honeymoon. Tina was not lying when she said she could not wait to start a family with Bette. If she was going to have as many as she told Bette, then she needed to get a step on it being thirty-one knocking on thirty-two and knowing that it doesn’t always take right away.

    They arrive outside Dr. Jessica Griffin’s door. You ready? Bette asks.

    Tina smiles. What do you think?

    Bette laughs and gives her a kiss. I love you.

    And I love you baby.

    After sitting for ten minutes their name is called.  Kennard-Porter. The doctor is ready to see you now. The nurse says as she walked from the back office area.

    We’re ready to see her as well. They smile.

    Follow me please.

    Hello Dr. Griffin. Tina says entering her office with Bette.

    Hello Mrs. Kennard-Porter. She shakes both their hands. Bette. Tina. Please have a seat and tell me what I can do for you two today. She has an idea but likes for her patients say it.

    Well Bette and I recently got married.

    Congratulations. She says.

    Thank you. They both say. Tina continues. Well Bette and I have been talking for a while about having a child. We decided that I would carry it and that we would find a donor with a background similar to Bette’s. Of course someone with a good medical history as well.

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    1. No no no, i am in denial, this can’t be the end ????????

      It was a beautiful journey you took us for a long time BnTinmyhead!

      I know you are a very busy woman, but if you decided to write more i will be one of your biggest fan and reader!!!!

      Thank you for this story!

    2. Thank you for this beautiful story.
      Your writing skills improved with every chapter, you should be very proud of
      yourself for what you accomplished .
      I look forward to your next chapter in December for their first family Christmas together.

      • Hey Sassy thank you for the re read yeah the farm is nice and homie.. I actually have a different one in the works but also have been working on this one too. but you know how holidays are and I have a new Grandbaby. life is just being life but I am trying lol. thank you again for loving my story enough to keep reading it.

        • Hi,
          Nice to know you’re still working on something.
          I’ve been in sole Lockdown here in UK since last March and only seen my little Great Granddaughter a couple of times
          Roll on the vaccine jab.

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