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    My Only Desire Is To Touch Your Soul

    Disclaimer. This story contains violence, as well as love between two adult women.
    Disclaimer. The Xena Warrior Princess series and its characters are all copyrighted property of MCA/universal
    Disclaimer. This is a classic story which takes place during late season two and is set before The Waking Light Series.


    There’s so much screaming I can hear it in my ears, I can see the blood coating the grass as I smash my boots in to the ground. This is such a beautiful war the poets and bards will be singing about it for seasons to come and they’ll be singing my name! I pull my sword up slashing it across the nearest warrior’s chest, I listen to him scream as he hits the floor death taking over. I’m a god among men! I have the power of Ares around my neck! His amulet of power makes me so strong that any normal men can not stand up to me! I laugh with joy the king and his son, have not been able to stop me! I have conquered every town and village south of this kingdom and this is my goal.

    The kings twenty year old son, is powerless against me and his father is an old worn out boot who will be dead soon all the meat he’s been eating is bad for his health, he’s getting fat, now he’s like an old dog that needs to be put down by my hand. I turn smashing my weapon in to the face of another man shattering his jaw the kingdom of Illyria will be mine! All I need is to get through the field that over looks his castle and I’ll be so close his pitiful wall which myself and my whole army will bring crashing down in one swoop! A suddenly feel intense pain as one man’s sword comes up slicing across my face I feel the cold blood as it runs down my cheek and brow.

    They can’t stop me I have the strength of a Minotaur! I bring my boot down smashing it in to the warrior’s chest hearing his ribs break with the force. His scream of agony hits the air as he stumbled backwards, I feel myself smile only to feel my smile fade as I hear the sound of metal turning. I look down as the pendent around my neck, I feel my eyes widen in fear as I realize that the pendants outer part which can be turned has been turned. The swords that cut my face has now forcing the outer decorative pattern in to motion, all of a sudden I’m as afraid as a child I know that once the outer part starts to spin that it can’t be stopped.

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