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    You Do NOT Get to Say Her Name

    Kennedy opened her mouth to speak but Tara continued before she had a chance.

    “There are bigger things going on than you and your petty vendettas, unless you haven’t realised, The First is coming, it’s coming to destroy you and me, and all these girls!” She said, gesturing to the potentials. “And if you’re not on the wagon, then you should get the hell out of Sunnydale and hope that your constant whining and spoilt brat attitude is enough to stop the bringers killing you!!” Tara yelled.

    With one final glare, Kennedy turned and stormed back into the house.

    “And you still need to train! You’re not above this!! None of us are!” Tara called after her, her only acknowledgement being the slamming of a door somewhere in the house.

    Turing back to the rest of the now startled and slight nervous looking potentials, Tara smiled apologetically.

    “Right now ladies, where were we?”


    As darkness fell over Sunnydale, Buffy returned to the Summers home. Having found both Giles and Wood, she had sat the pair down and discussed their issues with the forthcoming battle and Spike.

    Having managed to come to somewhat fraught agreement, everyone managed to draw a line in the sand under the issue and managed to agree to move forward. Unfortunately, moving forward in Robin Woods eyes meant firing the slayer from her post at Sunnydale High.

    As she entered the house, Buffy was surprised to find a sense of calm over the place.

    “Hello?” She called out “Anybody home?”

    Silence was her only response and she hung her coat on the hook before walking cautiously into the kitchen.

    “Hello?” she asked again.

    “Hey Buffy!” Dawn greeted her cheerfully, causing the usually sharp and alert slayer to jump noticeably.

    “Hey Dawnie!” Buffy smiled warmly, her eyes taking in the strong, young woman that her baby sister had become. “Where is everyone?”

    Dawn shrugged and took a large bite of what Buffy assumed was an anchovy and jelly sandwich. “They’re in the basement with Anya and Tara going over some battle plans and stuff.” she said nonchalantly before turning back to the dining room table and taking her seat amongst a huge pile of files and folders.

    The slayer smiled sadly at her sisters turned back, realising that the brave young woman who had been a huge, if somewhat unexpected part of her life was possibly going to die. The thought drew a lump into her throat and she fought to swallow the fear.

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