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    You Do NOT Get to Say Her Name

    Pulling open the basement door, she smiled as the sounds of a heated debate, possibly lead by Anya filled her ears.

    Willow had been driving for almost 5 hours, an accident on I5 just outside Anaheim had backed the road up for almost 3 of the 5 hours and she was hot, annoyed and wanted nothing more than to curl up in Tara’s arms and go to sleep.

    Unfortunately, she still had at least another hour of driving before she reached home but since leaving behind the accident and Anaheim, the roads had all been pretty clear and were flowing freely.

    As Sunnydale loomed closer, she turned onto a little used road and sighed, taking in the eerie silence that had bled into the town since the arrival of The First.

    From her left, a beat up pick-up truck emerged from a dirt road and she smiled sadly. A large portion of Sunnydale residents had already moved away, sensing a change in their surrounds and succumbing to the fear that penetrated everything and everyone, so the sight of another vehicle on the road both warmed and saddened her.

    Slowing slightly to allow a safe stopping distance from the truck, Willow wondered idly how things had been between Tara and Kennedy while she’d been away. She hoped that her binding spell had been enough to keep Tara’s primal savagery in check.

    As they turned towards the home straight, Willow squinted slightly, it appeared to her that the occupants of the truck were having some sort of debate and she wondered what it was about driving that made people lose their cool. On the highways and interstates it was a little more understandable, but the road was clear and surrounded by woods, all of which were reasonably calming on the soul.

    Following the truck around a bend, Willow slammed on the brakes as the trucks door opened and a young woman was pushed from the truck, rolling over and over on the harsh asphalt before coming to a halt.

    Leaping from the car, she rushed towards the woman. “Are you OK? Can you hear me?” she asked, rolling the stricken woman over. “Can you talk?”

    Turning back towards the car and her passenger Willow called out;

    “This girl’s bleeding badly. We have to get her to the hospital!”

    Stepping into the beams of the cars headlights, Faith regarded the girl with a disinterested certainty. “Yep. Guess I’m back in Sunnydale.” she said.

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