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    Miss Betty Lambourne

    Miss Lambourne returned and stood facing the anxious girl who stood trying to cover herself with her hands.

    “So, what have we here?” She said smiling disarmingly.

    “Oh, hands by your side dear … most important, thank you.”

    The woman stood looking at Suzy for several moments. Her twinkling eyes seemed to be probing every part of the girl’s naked body.

    “I want you to stand with your legs apart just a little bit more and put both hands behind your head. That’s it, such a good girl!”

    To Suzy, Miss Lambourne’s voice seemed so warm and reassuring that she felt that she was beginning to relax a little. Yet there was definitely an indefinable tension in the air. Her owner had not explained why she had been brought here. But what harm could this little old lady do she thought and Suzy turned towards her mistress and smiled happily.

    “Suzy dear, I want you to stand completely still for time being. Please don’t move so much as a muscle until I tell you to dear!”

    “Yes Miss Lambourne … I mean Yes Betty”.

    The girl stood in silence as the woman began to run her hands lightly over Suzy’s shoulders and down her long back. The contrast between the old woman’s wrinkled and mottled hands and Suzy’s white and flawless skin was startling.

    Suzy stood staring into the middle distance as Miss Lambourne pressed and kneaded her tiny breasts and ran her fingers across them so that each finger flicked the nipple lightly as it passed. The plump hands then slid down the girl’s hips and across the flat stomach.

    “I think someone here has been going to the gym Pam! Is that right Suzy?

    “I try to go as often as I can Betty. I want to look good for my Mistress.” And with that Suzy turned to look at the woman she loved.

    The sound of the blow was as loud as a gunshot.


    Even Suzy’s owner jumped at the sound. Betty Lambourne had suddenly struck the girl hard across the face with the back of her hand.

    “I thought I said stand completely still Suzy!”

    The mark of the old woman’s fingers showed on the girl’s cheek, the red welt growing darker. The action had been lightning fast and it was a very powerful blow for someone of Miss Lambourne’s age.


    1. Hi Amy:

      I like your story; it reminds me the nice stories I read time ago of Roald Dahl, but with a strong lesbian background and point of view. Yes it is bold and a little scary as you pointed later, but I think is good stuff. Thanks for the story and pps.


    2. How can you write that drivel? And that nasty old bitch needs to be killed and put out of her damned misery so she doesn’t inflict pain on anyone else ever again. Pam needs to be horse whipped for bringing the girl there. I know I don’t have to read it, it was my choice. Still the old bitch needs to be put out of her misery.

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