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    Miss Betty Lambourne

    Suzy had a  look around. Miss Lambourne herself was neatly dressed in a pleated tartan skirt, a cream coloured blouse and grey cardigan. Her white hair was arranged in a neat bun – the perfect image of a genteel Englishwoman, comfortably off but thrifty. Suzy thought It would be easy to imagine that this lady arranged the flowers at the local church and did good works in the village.

    During a lull in the conversation, Suzy could hear a clock ticking somewhere far away down a corridor.

    Miss Lambourne turned to the girl. “So Suzy, you must tell me where you bought that lovely dress. It suits you so well.” Suzy told her and soon she was telling the lady about her own home and her parents and all sorts of things she hadn’t planned on discussing in front of her mistress. There was something about this homely little woman that made her easy to confide in.

    “Now if you’ve both had enough tea I’ll clear away.” She said. “And I suppose we ought to get started didn’t we?”

    And Miss Lambourne rose and began collecting the tea things and returning them to the tray. Before she returned to her kitchen she turned and looked at Suzy.

    “While I tidy these things and Suzy, I’d like you get undressed for me.”

    Suzy looked at her mistress with a startled expression. But her mistress merely arched an eyebrow so she did as she was told and, standing up in the tiny living room, began to take off her clothes.

    By the time the woman returned from the kitchen, the young girl was completely naked. There was something almost surreal about a beautiful nude in the tiny room – the fussy decorations and chintz and the tall slim girl with the white unblemished skin.

    Suzy’s mistress had moved to an armchair in the corner of the room and watched as her sub stood nervously in the middle of the room, anxiously shifting from one foot to the other. The sun was streaming in the window and the girl’s bare body gleamed beautifully in the clear morning light.

    Pam knew well that it was one of her subs fondest dreams to be the only one naked in a room with other women but this was different in some way. The dynamics here were very different.


    1. Hi Amy:

      I like your story; it reminds me the nice stories I read time ago of Roald Dahl, but with a strong lesbian background and point of view. Yes it is bold and a little scary as you pointed later, but I think is good stuff. Thanks for the story and pps.


    2. How can you write that drivel? And that nasty old bitch needs to be killed and put out of her damned misery so she doesn’t inflict pain on anyone else ever again. Pam needs to be horse whipped for bringing the girl there. I know I don’t have to read it, it was my choice. Still the old bitch needs to be put out of her misery.

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