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    Crossing The Streams 2 – Possessive Message

    It is midday and the call has already come in. Fully equipped and in uniform, the team has made its way to the New York Public Library in Manhattan after the reporting of a ghost inside. The building itself had already been evacuated with reports of a strange slime left on the walls. Abby leads the foursome inside with Patty nodding to the other three before checking some of the aisles while Abby checks another section. Erin and Jillian meanwhile notice something peculiar about the slime left behind.

    Erin: Guys, check this out.

    Jillian leans in towards slime left behind on some book covers and gives a sniff.

    Jillian: Looks different. Kinda smells different.

    Erin: It’s clear. You can practically see right through it. Check out the line though.

    From elsewhere in the library, Patty notices the slime line.

    Patty: We got a line here, too! Which one of us is collectin’ this stuff?

    Abby: I’m on it! Guys, we’re getting a serious reading here. I think it’s still in the building.

    Erin: And it’s leaving a trail. Look.

    Erin follows the trail and notices it leading elsewhere in the library with Jillian following along.

    Jillian: Be vewy vewy qwiet…

    Erin: This is kind of exciting. It’s our first verified sighting since Rowan.

    Patty: Oh, don’t even say that name.

    While exciting, there are also nerves for Erin, knowing that at 5:58 p.m., she and Jillian are supposed to attempt a date night.  Abby meanwhile proceeds to collect samples of the slime into jars from a sack brought along for the investigation.

    Abby: God, this stuff is everywhere.

    Jillian: Gilbert and I are gonna check the reading room!

    Erin: That’s where this looks to be leading.

    Patty: Hold on, I’m comin’ along.

    Abby: Uh, Tolan I could use a little help here. Gilbert, you think you could help too?

    Jillian turns to Erin with a confident grin.


    Jillian: It’s cool, I know where the reading room is.

    Erin’s first instinct is to wrap around Jillian’s left arm with both of her own.

    Erin: Okay, be safe.

    Jillian: I can’t promise not destroying a table or two if it comes at me. Then again I can’t promise not destroying a table or two if it doesn’t.

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