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    Crossing The Streams 3 – A Date To Sequester

    She has been confined to the resting quarters where four twin beds each have a two-drawer cabinet on one side and a mini-fridge on the other. Jillian lies bummed out on the third bed in the row of them from the door to the opposing wall and window. Across the wall facing the feet of the beds is a large high-definition television with a Blu-Ray/D.V.D. player installed. Jillian holds a tall can of Pringles chips with her left arm, clutching it as a child might a teddy bear while her right index and middle finger keep one of the salty parabolas close to her mouth. Jillian looks to her left above the door and sees the clock.

    5:57 p.m.

    She turns away from the clock, bringing the edge of the potato chip to the right side of her lips, inhaling with a deep sniff momentarily then removing the chip from her mouth to blow imaginary smoke into the air. It is the only stress relief she can think of, knowing that her plans, her hopes have been dashed thanks to an encounter with and possession by a ghost earlier in the day.

    During that minute, the events of the day since coming back from the library doused in clear slime flow through her thought process. Having to strip out of uniform and everything else in private, placing whatever slime still on her body into jars for further examination, being tested herself after having been provided with clothes from her locker by Erin, having to wait for results as Abby and Patty continued testing all of the jars, Abby and Patty convincing Erin to agree on Jillian being confined to the resting quarters for the evening in case of any negative side effects from her encounter with the ghost known as Egon, and feeling she was so close to making this weird crush she had developed coming to a meaningful fruition.

    Jillian is beyond whatever brief infatuation Erin might have had with their receptionist, Kevin. She is beyond the friendship and family she has with this group of Ghostbusters. Knowing that Erin had vetoed the date agreed to just the night before, even out of concern for caution only brings out disappointment. There is no telling how long it will take for the results to be done. All Jillian can do is stare at a blank screen on the wall and repeat the process of smoking her parabola of imaginary smoke.

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    1. This is intriguing,maybe SPENGLER is a good spirit ghostbuster but did he have to invade JILLIAN’s body in order to talk.? The girls have advance notice about the evil ghosts that are coming, but love is in bloom so their minds are elsewhere. Cute couple JILLIAN/ERIN hope this lovebug doesn’t make them careless.thanks ps.

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