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    Crossing The Streams 1 – Somewhere Out

    There is still acclimation when it comes to the new headquarters for the group known affectionately as the “Ghostbusters” in New York. The headquarters is a vacated fire station and it is where the four women who comprise the group call both work and occasionally home depending on who draws overnight for the sleeping quarters. It is close to Midnight and both Patty and their secretary, Kevin have already clocked out for the evening. Then there is Abby who checks on her friend and co-founder, Erin one last time.

    Abby: Still looking over the latest upgrades?

    Erin: Yes, it’s amazing the amount of work Holtzmann’s put into this.

    Abby: She really lives for this stuff. Plus we have a much bigger budget than we had at Higgins so yeah she’s going nuts.

    Erin: Maybe we’ll get to try some of this stuff out sometime.

    Erin turns away from the various gadgets on the table at Jillian Holtzmann’s workstation and now looks to Abby.

    Erin: By the way, is Holtzmann feeling okay? She hasn’t really talked much lately.

    Abby’s bottom lip momentarily tilts to the left while her eyes tilt right before looking back to Erin.

    Abby: Uhhhh… She’s like that. You might wanna talk with her though. She’s got overnight.

    Erin: Okay. Where is she?

    Abby: Probably on the roof. Checkin’ out now. Goodnight!

    Erin grins as Abby turns away to make her exit. She then looks up, curious as to what is on Jillian’s mind.

    Somewhere, in between dimensions…

    He is a spirit in uniform. His essence lives on as well as his fight to preserve life on his former plane of existence. He should have crossed over to the afterlife by now, but he is stoic in his mission. He was once a mere mortal and a Ghostbuster himself. Now he has found a nexus point within a multiverse and it is up to him to keep evil once known to his old world from crashing upon this new one. He is not crossing over. Adjusting his glasses first, he flies off through the nexus point itself. He can sense that there are others like him on this new Earth that can aid in the defense of their universe as well as the one he once called home, perhaps even others. His voice is gone, but his spirit lives on.

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