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    [Crackship Lollipop] In No Time At All

    The lack of cars parked in front of the building was the first sign that something was different about today. Exiting her Ford Pinto, Sabrina prepares for whatever is inside as she approaches the front door which next to it reads the sign, “Townsend Investigations.” It is a time of transition as two new investigators have joined the agency while one of its original trio has formed an auto racing franchise. Sabrina herself is soon to be joining that franchise as a competitor.

    For now though she is still part of this team and as she opens the door, she sees a young woman approaching her. Her name is Beverly and she has ascended from secretary to assistant to the team.

    Sabrina “Where is everybody?”

    Beverly “Jill’s in town. Kelly and Kris have met up with her for lunch.”

    Sabrina “Hm. I thought that lunch was supposed to be later.”

    Beverly “Oh, yes. She’ll have a business one with you later today, about three o’clock she said.”

    Sabrina “Yeah, we’re supposed to finalize our deal so I can move on to the next big phase in life. Has anyone heard from Daisy?”

    Beverly continues walking to the door that Sabrina has just entered through.

    Beverly “There’s a message waiting for you in the main office. It’s from her. I want to say the message arrived about twenty minutes ago.”

    Sabrina smiles.

    Sabrina “Okay, I’ll check it.”

    Beverly “Good, I’m going to lock up for lunch.”

    Sabrina nods as Beverly makes her exit. A few steps further to her right is the door to the main office. With none of the other detectives, Beverly, or the secretary there she gets to enjoy Daisy’s message alone. Approaching the door she reasons that it must have been sent via telegraph as Daisy herself is likely at Ontario Speedway preparing for Sunday’s race.

    Opening the door, she realizes the truth as she can hear the faint sounds of “In No Time At All” by Ronnie Milsap from the sofa up ahead, the back of which she sees. Without seeing her, she knows that Daisy is there waiting and smiles, walking to the sofa. It is a pleasant surprise she welcomes.

    Looking down, Sabrina sees her, her eyes closed and her ears covered by headphones with orange foam over the speakers. The headphones are connected to a Walkman where Ronnie’s Images album plays on. She admires for a moment the sight of this beautiful woman in a white tank top, magenta denim shorts and legs wrapped in silk. Walking over to the front of the sofa and placing her handbag on the floor, she kisses Daisy on the lips. Daisy doesn’t even need to open her eyes to know that kiss. She smiles in response, hits Stop on her Walkman and opens her eyes.

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