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    L-topia Part 5

    One of Shane’s biggest challenges when it came to Jenny after her arrival was pulling her away from writing long enough to say hello to others. There had been a dinner with Bette and Tina next door, but outside of that Jenny had found herself incredibly shy in the new environment. For tonight, that would change as Shane finally talked Jenny into arriving for a Radar party at the Planet. Finally arriving there, they make their way to the usual table while Kit deejays.

    At the table are Bette, Tina, Alice, and Lisa while Lacey drinks at the bar. Kerry and Lori dance together where tables have been cleared out for the club atmosphere. Marcy, Marnie, and Marti stand by the deejay booth where Kit spins for the crowd. Marina makes her way around the establishment, checking on people and making sure everyone is having a good time. Another deejay at the Planet, Renee Moi is also there, but as a patron. Renee passes along a bottle of water for Kit for whom she had recently been part of the entourage for.

    As Renee shows respect for her mentor, Shane and Jenny have arrived. Jenny’s eyes are wide with wonder as she takes in the ambiance.

    Shane “Hey guys. This is Jenny.”

    Alice “Jenny! Oh my god, you exist!”

    Jenny smiles nervously, still taking everything in as Shane introduces her friends, meekly waving her right palm and offering a “Hi,” in response.

    Shane “Have I missed Dana yet?”

    Alice “She’ll be here in a few minutes. She’s pretty jazzed still about Memphis.”

    Shane “Cool, um Jenny this is Alice. That’s Lisa. You know Bette and Tina.”

    Jenny “Hi.”

    Bette “It’s nice to see you, Jenny. Hows’ your writing coming along?”

    Jenny “Good! I’m still proofreading what I wrote the last two days.”

    Tina “Hopefully we can get a sneak peek before you get it published.”

    Alice “Shane told me you had some stuff published?”

    Jenny “Yeah, some short stories, but now I’m looking to branch out to more full length novels.”

    Lisa waits for the perfect time to get Shane’s attention for more than an introduction to her roommate. For now, another introduction is still being made as Marina comes over.

    Shane “Marina! Marina, this is Jenny, my roommate.”

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    1. Hi Kace,

      Thanks for explainig who the others are.

      Yep, Shane is a heartbreaker but the girls she entertained are aware of that and i do feel a litlle sorry for Lisa, but she was warned.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

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