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    [Crackship Lollipop] Nice and Easy

    Since transferring from National City to nearby Los Angeles, Margarita “Maggie” Sawyer has seen a world of difference in the crime that she faces. There are the occasional disturbances involving super powers, but for the most part, LA has been more conventional in what Detective Sawyer has to investigate. Granted, there are still supernatural elements involved on occasion, but that can happen when a demon gets involved.

    Nevertheless, Maggie has wrapped up a long murder mystery and along the way she had the help of an LAPD forensic scientist, Ella Lopez. Resting in her plush chair inside her apartment, Maggie hears Ella enter the living room where she is. Ella has already switched out of her work clothes for a t-shirt and gym shorts. Maggie has not changed, preferring to rest her eyes and mind for a moment.

    Ella “Long day?”

    Maggie “It always is, but at least this one had a satisfying end.”

    Ella “Score one for the good girls. I remember there being some exciting parts.”

    Maggie opens her eyes and sees Ella standing before her, beer bottle in her right hand. She smiles at her girlfriend.

    Maggie “Yeah. I could use a little less of it now though.”

    Ella approaches the seat Maggie relaxes in.

    Ella “Something less stressful?”

    Maggie “Mm-hm.”

    Ella “Nice and easy?”

    Maggie nods, still grinning.

    Ella “Mind if I join you for some of that?”

    Maggie “Depends on who the beer’s for.”

    Ella climbs onto the seat, mounting her girlfriend, beer still in hand and smiling.

    Ella “Open your mouth and find out.”

    Maggie wiggles her eyebrows in approval and opens her mouth. The bottle has been opened and as Maggie’s hands receive Ella’s body, caressing the backside of the gym shorts Ella wears, Ella places the bottle at Maggie’s bottom lip and tilts it just enough for some beer to pour into Maggie’s mouth before partaking in some of it herself.

    Maggie “I just want you to know I don’t just let anyone pour things down my throat.”

    Ella “I know.”

    With some of the alcoholic beverage still fresh on their lips, Ella leans in with a soft kiss.

    Ella “I just wanna make sure this is the best drink you’ve had today.”

    Maggie “Oh, it is.”

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