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    I Got it Wrong Sam

    The morning was dull and wet but both Sam and Lexi went for their morning run, “I was surprised how you handled it with Frankie the other night Sam,” Lexi kept pace now she had become much fitter over the last few months.

    “Ahh I’m over Cat and Frankie Lexi, at the time it was hell but looking back I see that Cat loved me in her own kind of way but not how I loved her, I’ve moved on Lexi you are the love of my life and I feel so different with you than I ever did with Cat.  When I saw Frankie on the stairs I could only see one thing, loss, Lexi she had nothing, her life is nothing.  I’m not a heartless bitch, even I could see Frankie is on the brink of losing it altogether, I don’t want to be the one to push her over the edge, on the contry I’d rather see her back to the cocky petulent toddler than the pathetic being she is now.”

    “You know that’s why I love you Sam, you are forgiving, I mean when we first met you, wanted to kill one of the patient’s at the hospital, next month you send him flowers and an apology and to get well soon, then you go visit him on the ward again and tell him that it wasn’t his fault you were out of order and that he must forgive himself for he had done nothing wrong”.

    “I was in hell then but I realised that Cat had brought all of this down on everyone. I loved her and always will but not the way I thought I did, Cat was never truely in love with me Lexi not like you are, it wouldn’t have worked out even if we had married, Cat was still in love with Frankie.  They were as bad as each other, Frankie ran away, Cat waited, she trys to move on as Frankie comes back, she was never going to move on I accept that now, it’s taken a long time but I do.”

    They ran for an hour then showered together in the very large shower.  “Coffee?” Sam picked up the coffee jug from the perculator.  “Thanks.” Lexi, sat at the table and opened the mail, bills, bills, bills oh and one from Aus.”

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