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    Sam’s Diary’s

    Sam was bored, Lexi was at work and she was stuck at home with a broken ankle.  That would teach her to show off after a few too many beers, Sam had been sliding on a patch of ice shouting, “I loved doing this as a kid,” then she went off the kerb and fell awkwardly breaking her ankle badly in two places.  Being laid up was driving Sam mad.  She started delving in a cupboard that had been virtually untouched since they had moved into their flat it was under the stairs to the bedroom.  She found a suitcase that was locked, the key Sam thought could be anywhere, she remembered it from when she was a child the battered old case her Granny had given her to play with when she was about six, as she got older she had kept her secret things in there.  “What’s in here now is anyones guess,” Sam fiddled with the lock to see if she could force it open, she had been given it by her Dad one weekend when she and Lexi had gone to visit, “This is your’s in’t it love, well ye Mum and I didn’t want to just throw it out incase it was stuff you wanted anyway take it home and see what’s inside.”  Sam had put it in the car took it into the flat and shoved it in the cupboard and forgotten about it.

    The screwdriver was a bit bent after Sam had managed to open the locks, inside she found a few old letters from a boyfriend when still at school, well they were not wanted.  There was a teddy bear she had won at the fair one year, he was a bit battered, she laughed as she remembered the day Jenny and she had been to the fair her best friend and she had won the teddy and a goldfish which they shared between them the bowl going up and down the road each Saturday until it died three months later in the care of Jenny.  Sam rememberrs being deverstated by this, she was only ten at the time.  Digging deeper she found something she had thought she had destroyed years age, her diaries all five of them. The first one started in 1986 when she was just 10, there was little of interest in it except she seemed to be obsessed with a girl who did a paper round there were several mentions of Mandy the papergirl and how tough she looked in her jeans and t shirt with the boots on and the hair all spikey and how that Sam felt all funny when she saw her. Sam had completly forgotten about Mandy.  Now she remembered how she would sit on the wall by the gate waiting for Mandy to deliver the paper, smiling at her and just wanting to look at her, “my first crush I guess.”

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