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    Oh Frankie.

    “Look Alma your no going anywhere with ma wain, not after what you did to that woman, now I still have the blouse with the blood on it so it’s your choice either way ma wain stays with me.” Alma was caught in a catch 22 situation, she had been involved in an armed robbery that had gone wrong and a woman had died.  She had had an affair with Cameron and Eleanore was the result, she loved that baby but now she was going to have to give her up to a man she knew didn’t really care about her to save her own skin. Frankie’s life was mapped out from that day, the family moved to London, Frankie was constantly rejected by her uncle all through her childhood, he doted on Karen her cousin but even she had been given slaps and was locked in the bedroom sometimes.

    Frankie lay on her bed in her new bedroom, her Aunt and Uncle had moved back up to Glasgow from London, she hated her uncle he was a control freak, whatever he said was law and anyone who didn’t abide by it was his for the taking.  Frankie had had many a row with him ending in her being hit across the face or pushed roughly up the stairs to her room as she had been just now for daring to stick up for her Aunt Carol.  The place was in chaos with boxes all over the place he had wanted a cup of tea but Carol couldn’t find the box containing the kettle, “for f*** sake Carol you packed the thing find it I’m gasping for a brew.” Frankie had defended Carol saying, “there are so many boxes it must be hard to find it I’ll help you Aunty Carol.”

    “You won’t girl she can do it you can get up stairs and unpack your own crap.”

    “I can do that later,” Frankie never addressed her uncle by name.

    “You’ll do as I say now get up there,” he grabbed Frankie by the scruff of the neck and hauled her off her feet up the stairs and threw her into the room, she lay on the floor gasping for breath. She had done as she was told and now she was laying on her bed wishing she was back in London, there she had friends, she looked into her school bag and all of the letters and cards from her friends were still inside she took them out and read through them, her best friend Ria had given her a necklace with a blue coloured stone in it she loved it.  She had three weeks before going back to school not much of a summer holiday because the schools in Scotland were off all of July not like the schools in England.  She would be going to high school but she was a little scared at the thought, all of her friends in London were excited about going but Frankie was dreading the new school.

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