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    ”No! God, no!” Nicky swallowed hard, the color returning to her face. ”Why the fuck are you worrying about what the hell I’M doing when YOU’RE fucking the new hire in the bathroom?!”

    Piper stood in silence as Nicky shot her a look.

    ”Because I didn’t steal four thousand dollars, Nicky.” Alex sneered.

    ”I didn’t steal it, you moron. Even if I did, why the fuck are you choking me? You’re out of your goddamn mind, Vause.”

    ”If you didn’t steal it, where the fuck is it?” Alex asked angrily. Piper cleared her throat and straightened out her skirt.

    ”Do you two want me to uh, leave?” She asked.


    ”No.” They answered in unison.

    ”Leave, Piper.” Alex said.

    ”No, I want a fuckin’ witness incase you try to kill me again.” Nicky crossed her arms across her chest.

    ”My office.” Alex demanded.

    The three of them filed into Alex’s office, Nicky sitting in Alex’s desk chair.

    ”I wasn’t going to kill you. You know that.” Alex shut and locked the door. ”But I’m so fucking mad at you right now that I could.

    Piper sat uncomfortably, watching the two women stare at each other in silence for a few moments. Nicky broke the quiet tension.

    ”I didn’t steal the money, Vause.” She said quietly, running a hand through her mess of curls.

    ”You need to be honest with me.” Alex said sternly.

    ”I swear, on Diane’s grave, Alex.” Nicky was shaking. Piper could see tears welling in the woman’s eyes.

    ”Then who did?”

    ”Poussey.” Nicky shrugged. ”She’s always had it out for me, you know that. Her and Taystee both.”

    ”How am I supposed to prove that Nicky? You’re the only one, besides me, and Taystee, who knows the account numbers. You’re the only one who has access to my desk where I keep everything.”

    ”Wait.” Piper interjected. ”You keep all the account info in your desk?” She asked.

    ”Yeah.” Alex said, turning back to Nicky.

    ”I saw Poussey.” Piper continued. ”She was in here the other day when I came up to grab my jacket. She was going through your desk.”

    ”What? What do you mean?” Alex asked, stepping closer to Piper.

    ”I came up here to grab my jacket and she was going through your desk drawers. She said Taystee sent her in here to grab a document or something. She told me not to tell you cause it would look bad, but looking back now I guess it was bad.”

    ”Taystee wouldn’t have given Poussey permission to go through my office. How would she have gotten into my desk? Only Nicky and I have the keys to it.” Alex looked at Nicky.

    ”You sent her to make copies of the building keys two weeks ago didn’t you? Did you give her the whole key ring?” Nicky asked, sitting up in her chair.

    ”Yeah…yeah, I did. Fuck.” Alex sighed.

    ”So Poussey took the money.” Piper nodded.

    ”We still don’t have proof it was her.” Alex said. ”The cops are gonna believe the ex-junkie in charge of inventory with complete access to the accounts stole it before they’ll believe a girl with no criminal background and zero access to the accounts stole it.”

    ”But she is the one who stole it.” Nicky shrugged. ”I mean, I don’t know what to do here.”

    ”Me either, Nicky.” Alex shook her head. ”Taystee said you’ve gotta be outta here by the end of the week or she’s going to the cops.”

    ”Alex, it’s your funeral home. You can choose whether to press charges or not.” Piper said with urgency.

    ”Taystee owns a stake in it. It’s 75/25. She owns a fourth of this place. Why do you think I put up with her shit?” Alex sat in the chair next to Piper. She removed her glasses and began to rub the bridge of her nose. That reminded Piper of the wound on her own nose. Explaining that to Larry would be a real trip. She’d almost completely forgotten the assault she’d endured in the current storm of drama she had managed to find herself in.

    ”So, all we need is proof that Poussey took the files?” Piper asked.

    ”Yeah.” Nicky agreed.

    ”I have an idea.” The blonde said, looking between the two women.

    ”Well.” Nicky sighed. ”Lay it on us.”


    1. This is an interesting story…. mixture of romance, trying to make a buisness survive, competitive nature of women, being engaged to someone with life goals which may not match your own, and being in a buisness that deals with the dark side of life. And sprinkle in some illegal drug usage and shady characters. I’m ready to read some more…

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