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    Piper sat silently in the passenger side of the van, looking out the window. The removal was an easy one. A man who’d fallen over and passed away on his kitchen floor. The removal itself should’ve only taken about half an hour but the man’s daughter had arrived at the house at the same time Piper and Lorna had. She was distraught and Piper and Lorna couldn’t do anything to help besides allow her to sob uncontrollably over her father’s body as he lay on the cot. By the time they’d managed to separate the woman from her father, hug her, apologize for her loss, and load the man into the van, it was nearly time for them to clock out. Lorna unhappily complained about it on the drive back.

    ”I mean, I get that he’s your father, right? But, he was seventy eight! What’d she expect? Now I’m gonna miss my Zumba.”

    ”Lorna…” Piper sighed.

    ”I’m not trying to be a bitch, Piper.” Lorna held up her hand defensively. ”I’m just sayin’ when my grandpa kicked the bucket, I understood you know why? Because people have things to do!”

    ”Why did you start this job?” Piper asked.

    Lorna looked over at her, her black hair blowing off her face in the breeze of the AC. She sighed and shrugged her shoulders.

    ”Nicky came over one night and told me all about how something happened at the funeral home she worked at, that the staff had left, and that they needed a makeup lady. I told her I wasn’t half bad at makeup and hair and next thing I know, I’m talkin’ to Vause and seein’ dead bodies everyday.”

    ”How long were you in beauty school?” Piper continued.

    ”Beauty school?” Lorna laughed. ”Oh that was just somethin’ we told Taystee to keep her at bay.”

    Piper smiled and shook her head.

    ”Seems like a lot of things go on that Taystee doesn’t know about.”

    ”What do you mean?” Lorna asked.

    ”Oh uh…nothing. I just…forget it.” Piper shook her head. ”So, you and Nicky knew each other before this job?”

    ”Yeah, we knew each other for sure.” Lorna giggled. ”I met her at the bar. She’s quite the comedian, I’ll have you know.”

    ”And how’d Nicky meet Alex?” Piper pressed.

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    1. This is an interesting story…. mixture of romance, trying to make a buisness survive, competitive nature of women, being engaged to someone with life goals which may not match your own, and being in a buisness that deals with the dark side of life. And sprinkle in some illegal drug usage and shady characters. I’m ready to read some more…

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