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    The girl’s are in Spencer’s car. Spencer is focused on the road when suddenly; she feels Ashley’s hand began to creep up her thigh.


    Spencer- Whoa! Not while I’m drivin’ wait til we get home. She says as she tries to maintain her focus.


    However, Ashley doesn’t feel like waiting. She starts rubbing Spencer in all the right places.


    Spencer- Ooookay! I gotta pull over first.


    Spencer finds pulls the car over in a grassy area. She gets out and walks to the back door. Meanwhile dives over her seat and into the back where she awaits Spencer. When Spencer opens the door, Ashley pulls down her pants and underwear in one quick motion. Then Ashley starts fingering Spencer’s pussy. The car door is open, and Spencer is standing outside with her pants almost completely off, it’s a cold night, but Spashley are heating up.


    Spencer- Oh Ash!


    Ashley- Oh Ash what? What do you want me to do?


    Spencer- Help me in and you’ll find out!


    Ashley bites her lip lustfully, and moves over to make room for Spencer. Spencer shuts the door behind her, as Ashley takes her girlfriend’s hand and pulls her down on top of herself. They make out for a several minutes. While Ashley’s hands are roaming all over Spencer’s naked ass, and Spencer’s are underneath Ashley’s shirt playing with her breasts. She pays close attention to her girlfriend’s erect nipples, lightly pinching and twisting them randomly. The passion grows more intense by the minute. Then, Spencer re positions herself so that she can pull Ashley’s pants down. Just like Ashley had done before, Spencer is able to pull down Ashley’s pants and underwear in one quick motion. Spencer feverishly licks Ashley’s slippery pussy while Ashley plays with her own clit.


    Ashley-Oh my God Spence! I’ve missed you so much!


    Spencer continues to tongue fuck Ashley as she looks up at her to acknowledge that she feels the same way without having to stop.


    Ashley- Holy Fuck! Yeah, that’s it let your tongue do the talkin!


    Ashley’s raw animistic thirst for her, spurred Spencer on. Spencer lets her tongue take over for Ashley’s hand so she can just enjoy. Her mouth now licking and sucking, sucking and licking Ashley’s clit. Two of her fingers take the place of her tongue deep inside the brunette.


    Ashley-Faster…Harder! Harder…Harder…Harder! She moans…Yeah that’s it Spence! Fuck Yeah!


    Spencer- You know what I want you to do now? She asks in her sexy voice before going back down for another nibble.


    Ashley- With her breathing becoming heavier Anything Spence! Name it!


    Spencer- I want you to cum all over my fingers! Can you do that for me baby?


    Ashley – Yeah she moans Oh yeah, I’m gonna cum all over your fuckin fingers baby!


    Spencer thrusts in and out two more times then she feels Ashley’s cum on her fingers.


    Spencer- You cumin for me baby?


    Ashley – Moaning uh huh! Uh huh! Oh fuck! She adds now shaking from head to toe in a fit of orgasmic bliss.


    Spencer removes her drenched fingers from Ashley’s hot, wet pussy and puts them in her mouth.


    Spencer- MMMM!


    After Ashley calms herself, the girls switch places so Ashley can return the favor. A few minutes later while Spencer is howling in ecstasy, Ashley’s head is buried in her pussy, as she eats away; a female police officer shines her flashlight in the window…


    If you want the officer to go away, and let the girls continue go to Chapter 2 .


    If you want the officer to join in go to Chapter 3.

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